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Boost Your Productivity With These Apps

We all find ourselves getting sidetracked and distracted. These apps use trusted time management techniques to help you get your productivity flowing. Who knew just a few little changes could get you on a more productive path so you can tackle any task!

Power Focus - Work Break Timer
TomoNow(Old Version)
Productivity Challenge Timer

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Power Focus - Work Break Timer
Power Focus - Work Break Timer

Power Focus

Fast Robo LLC

Beat procrastination by working in manageable amounts of time

Beat procrastination by working in manageable amounts of time! Boost your productivity and focus on your tasks with Power Focus, the easiest to use countdown timer.

[Phone features]
* Customize your work session timer length
* Customize your regular & long break lengths
* View daily & all-time completed work session stats
* Interactive notifications (Continue, Pause, or Stop current timer)
* More customization choices in...

TomoNow(Old Version)
TomoNow(Old Version)

TomoNow(Old Version)

Jinyu Meng

TomoNow 2 has been released

TomoNow 2 has been released! Would you like to check it out?

- Full-function focus timer: TomoNow's timing tools are highly flexible and easy to customize.

- To-do List: Focus on the current task. Use as "current actions list" to incorporate the TomoNow into your time management workflow. You can make a plan and follow the progress. TomoNow also provide...

Focus timer - time management
Focus timer - time management

Focus timer

翠玲 施

Focus timer is a tomato timer based app that helps you concentrate on your work and study

Focus timer is a tomato timer based app that helps you concentrate on your work and study. When you want to start concentrating on, you can choose an environment, accompanied by beaches, trains, rainy days, bonfire, country cricket sounds, and you will be comfortable concentrating on.

- Tomato timer, break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by...

Also Good

Apps with average score

Productivity Challenge Timer
Productivity Challenge Timer
Productivity Challenge Timer

Productivity Challenge Timer

Vladimir Jovanovic

Productivity Challenge Timer aims to help you be more productive, more focused, waste less time and so on, you already know all that stuff.

What this app is really about is challenging you to work harder and tracking your work habits. You'll earn/lose ranks depending on your performance, earn achievements...



yuke wu

We all know the importance of time management. Sometimes the procrastination is just too powerful.
That's why we designed and made this elegant, efficient and handy tool to help our users become an expert with measurable effort.

AmosTime combines time tracker and pomodoro technique that can help our user to seize the...

Sloth - Task Manager
Sloth - Task Manager
Sloth - Task Manager

Sloth - Task Manager

Jacek Jablonski

*** Featured in the Best New Apps category ***
*** Featured on TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, Product Hunt ***

Sloth is a task manager that helps you be more efficient with YOUR TIME.

- Set length of each task
- Get notified when time runs out
- Simple gesture based control
- Whiz through tasks without...

Time Everything - Productivity Timer
Time Everything - Productivity Timer
Time Everything - Productivity Timer

Time Everything - Productivity Timer


If you want to keep track of how you're spending your time, then you need Time Everything. If you need to keep track of...

o Children's TV time
o Children's homework
o Billable hours
o Time spent exercising
o Household chores
o Travel time
o Labor contractions
o Sleep patterns
o Time spent reading a book

... or anything...

Block & Flow: Stay focused
Block & Flow: Stay focused
Block & Flow: Stay focused

Block & Flow: Stay focused

One foot after the other

Do more in less time with 25-minute blocks. Take it one block at a time and surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish.

Inspired by tried and trusted time management techniques. Block & Flow is simple, beautiful and will get your productivity flowing.

- A 25-minute visual countdown keeps...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Stay Focused - Time Tracking & Task Timer

Stay Focused - Time Tracking & Task Timer

Janina Kretschmann

Stay focused lets you get things done by breaking up individual event among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks. It helps you stay focused in work and study to makes your time more productive and joyful.

• Base on Pomodoro Technique, for work and study.
• 25-minutes fully concentrated periods, separated by 5-minutes short breaks
• Long Break mode. Trigger a long break every four concentrated periods
• Allows customising the length of focuses and breaks
• Includes Apple Watch

Pomodoro Technique is an easy-to-use time management method, which uses a timer to break down works into intervals, traditionally 25 min in length, separated by 5 min breaks.

Productivity Journal

Productivity Journal

Dmitrijus Drozdovas

By having a maximum of three to five tasks a day, doing the most important task first, and working on only one task at a time you will be able to finish the project that you have been procrastinating on and achieve great things.

* Create and Manage Tasks
* Plan your Week
* Plan your Day
* Break down tasks into Subtasks
* Track your time using the coutndown timer
* Review your Weekly Progress

The Technique:
1. Decide on a clear task that you want to focus on and break it down into subtasks that will take you at least 25 minutes to do.
2. Start the timer and begin working on the task. You can never do half of a session. Do not work on anything else. If you get distracted, gently bring yourself back to work. If your distraction pulls you away from the task at hand, reset the timer and start again. Over time, this technique will condition you to focus exclusively on the task at hand, and will increase your productivity and discipline.
3. Once the timer ends, time for a mini-celebration! Get up, stretch, get some more water, do a happy dance. You have 5 minutes of break time until you start the next session.

Promo Timer Pro

Promo Timer Pro

Joy Tharmapalan

Promo Timer Pro is the same Promo Timer you love but without the ads! A completely ad free experience keeps you free from all distractions and focused on your work.

Having trouble focusing on work, studying or revising for exams? With Promo Timer, you can work the smart and easy way!

Promo timer is based on the method of simply timing yourself and allocating frequent breaks so you work your fastest without burning out. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Promo Timer makes it incredibly simple and easy: just set how long you want to work and break for!

Promo Timer even takes into account distractions like games, Youtube and social media; the timer only counts down when it’s open - if you open another app, the timer pauses so you can’t cheat!

Got homework? Exams? Deadlines at work? Trying to learn a new language or to code? Always procrastinating? Promo Timer makes it all much easier.

- No complicated set up
- No login
- Simple to use