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Sort Frenetically With These Games

These action games give you a stack, chain, or group of objects, and you need to sort them into the proper bins. Many of the games offer a left or right set up to sort like item into, but there are more complex offerings as well. Time is often involved for some frenetic sorting action.

Not Not - A Brain-Buster
The Firm
Get It Sorted! - Play The Ball Sorting Game

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Not Not - A Brain-Buster
Not Not - A Brain-Buster

Not Not

Alternative Shift

The brain teaser that's made up of tricky directions

Puzzles have taken the App Store by storm, but many of them are just a dime a dozen. That's not the case with Not Not, a brain-buster that is chock full of trick questions.

Also Good

Apps with average score

Peace, Death!
Peace, Death!

Decide the fate of heaven or hell for each character that comes through.

Peace, Death!

Peace, Death!

Azamat Bayzulaev

The game is reminiscent of Papers, Please as you need to analyze the features of each character to decide where to send them. Try not to make a mistake in finding out who's who.

Sound Salad
Sound Salad
Sound Salad

Sound Salad

Funny Yummy Studio UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

Sound Salad is a sound-object association game which trains concentration, attentive listening, imaginative and logical thinking.

Through 8 levels, which are assembled out of 96 carefully crafted objects and sounds, young players are challenged to listen attentively to give each object back it’s proper sound.

Players are instantly rewarded with funny...

Shapey Heads
Shapey Heads
Shapey Heads

Shapey Heads

Appsolute Games LLC

Welcome to the colorful 8-bit world of Shapey Heads!

Tap the screen to switch the shape of your head to avoid all of the traps and obstacles!

Collect coins to open up secret boxes that will let you play with over 40 of the craziest characters through 5 different challenging worlds.


Critter Panic!
Critter Panic!
Critter Panic!

Critter Panic!

Chaotic Box

Pit your brain against your thumbs with the original left/right matchy tapper!

"It might at first seem easy but just wait until this iOS gem feeds your arrogance back to you, piece by delicious piece." - Edge Magazine

"Your brain is screaming "Left! No, RIGHT!" and your poor, confused digits don't know...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Get It Sorted! - Play The Ball Sorting Game

Get It Sorted! - Play The Ball Sorting Game

Blaze Software

Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this game. It seems easy at first, just swipe the falling red and blue balls left or right to guide them to their respective bins. But just wait until things get faster, and the balls star dropping quicker. You have to keep your wits about you in order to out score your friends and family in this addictive test of your skills and reflexes.

3 Levels of difficulty in the game for different challenges. Compare your scores with your friends and family on Game Centre. Who will get top score by getting the most balls sorted?

Juice Factory - a Free Color Matching and Sorting Game

Juice Factory - a Free Color Matching and Sorting Game

Toccata Technologies Inc.

The assembly line is rolling. Lights are flashing. Juice bottles and fresh fruits are coming out from the assembly line. The supervisor is grumpy. Your job is to make as many juice bottles as you can, move the bottles into the juice cases, and get them shipped out of the factory.

Simply the best and most additive sorting game in the market with stunning graphics and exciting game play. You can play it over and over to reach higher scores and collect all achievements.


▪Simple and easy to understand game play by matching the colors of the juice bottle and of the juice case
▪Three different modes – Classic, Arcade and Relaxing mode. Each mode has four different levels - easy, normal, hard, and crazy.
▪Four different levels - easy, normal, hard, and crazy in the Classic mode. Try the crazy level and things can get really hectic
▪In the Arcade mode, you have the opportunity to earn extra time to reach the true potential of your sorting capabilities
▪The Relaxing mode allow you to play the game without worrying about the misplace of bottles.
▪Arcade mode is even more exciting because you do not lose even if you misplace bottles. You have the opportunity to earn extra time to reach the true potential of your sorting capabilities
▪Additional game play strategies to earn more points - e.g tap repeatedly on the fruit to make the juice or make large bottle from two small bottles
▪Unexpected visits from Little Evil, Frozen Wizard, and Fruit Wizard.
▪Universal build to support iPhone 5, iPhone with retina display, iPod touch, and iPad
▪Game Center integration with Leaderboards and Achievements
▪Additional levels and free content upgrade are coming

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Chocolate Sorting

Chocolate Sorting

underscore, Inc

Valentine soon!
It's a cute and playful mini-games to spice up Valentine.

Milk chocolate is sweet color, and bitter chocolate is dark color.
Two types of chocolate is falling from above.

please drop Milk chocolate to the right and drop bitter chocolate to the left!

Be a thing when you're well sorted, it is good to last!?



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