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Action Packed Target Tapping Games

Targets and various other objects can appear on screen, and your goal is to tap on them before the disappear. The games mimic classic carnival shooting gallery style, but you use your finger to take out each object. The targets can include actual targets, bugs, balloons, colored discs, and more.

Target Blaster
Finger Smash
Tap & Squish
Color Clicker - Don't Tap The White Board
Tap Rush
Target Blaster

Target Blaster

StackTracks, LLC

Target Blaster is a fast-paced, reaction-based game that requires quick thinking and even quicker hands. The objective is simple: tap the targets and destroy them. There is one catch, though: the targets have to be destroyed in a specific order. Don't worry, we've tagged them for you.

Each Blast Pack contains 30-40 levels, but there's no time for rest in between each level - more targets will appear just as quickly as you destroy them. So the question is, how fast are you? With 10 unique Blast Packs and more on the way, the fun never stops.


10 unique Blast Packs (5 included; 5 available for unlock)
310 levels
Game Center integration
Fun, fast-paced game play
Great graphics optimized for retina devices
Optimized for the iPhone 5

If you enjoy quick puzzle games that challenge your brain and get your adrenaline pumping, then Target Blaster is the game for you.

Bug Jam Adventure

Bug Jam Adventure

Shadow Masters

The acclaimed action tower defense game is now available for iPhone and iPad!
Your quiet little town is infested with bugs! And all you wanted to do was sit down and have a nice slice of cake. And some berries. And ice cream. Nachos would be good. A big box of candy, too.

Now you have to defend your goodies against hordes of greedy bugs. Funky Flies, Furious Flies, Slugger Slugs, the grotesque Big Mamma. Even Splitters and the almost invulnerable Tanker. You and your trusty bug-squashing finger.
Travel through farmland, forest and desert, over oceans and tundra. Discover that only you and your friends can save the world from being overrun by bugs.

Customize your defensive strategy. Deploy bug-beating frog allies. Collect enough bug juice from your defeated foes to power-up an awesome arsenal of weapons and defenses. From The God Finger to Napalm Nuke, you can rain down fire on your foes!

Bug Jam Adventure highlights:
• 6 chapters with total number of 180 levels
• Over a dozen of power-ups! Burn, freeze, blow up your enemies!
• 27 different enemies from Slugs to Termites, each with their own skills! (Beware of the Cockroaches!)
• Intensive boss fights at the end of each chapter!
• Hours of gameplay with almost 30 achievements
• Awesome cartoon art of high definition
• In-game encyclopedia with information about your power-ups and bugs.

Color Clicker - Don't Tap The White Board

Color Clicker - Don't Tap The White Board

Liting Tan

The Arcade mode is so amazing, Challenge it!

We will keep improving our game, more features are coming soon.

Any advice and suggestions are appreciated!

Easy to Master
Game Center Supported
Social Share Supported

Tap the colored shapes, DON'T TAP THE WHITE BOARD(Background). This is the only rule in this additive game.

Some shape requires additional tapping.

Is it easy? Everyone can handle it, but not everyone can handle it well. What about you?

There are three modes in the game:

-Classic mode, reach the target as soon as possible.

-Arcade mode, try your best to tap the colored shapes as many as you can, no time limited.

-Zen mode, try your best to tap the colored shapes as many as you can in 30 seconds.

Have it and have fun! Thanks.

Have Fun!

Target Balloon

Target Balloon


+++ Game to shoot aim balloons +++

- stress by dividing the balloons!
- The lock-on tap the balloon to the specified
- The challenge in the world rankings in GameCenter

[ How to play ]
The lock-on tap all the balloons TARGET!
BAN lock-on is complete! Let the balloons to divide button.

If the lock-on can not be good, it's changing the position of the balloon in the Reset button.

[ Tip ]
I earn more score as quickly break.

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