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Line 'Em Up, And Knock 'Em Down

Dominoes might be most well known for being set up, and then knocked down in a flourishing arrangement. You can play with dominoes in the traditional board game style, but these games are all about setting up dominoes, and watching them topple. There are often deluxe 3D physics engines four authentic dominoe toppling fun.

Easy Toppling Dominoes
Dominos City
Domino Kiss

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Domino Theory
Domino Theory

Domino Theory

Magnin & Associates

Drag your finger to easily create streams of dominos

Drag your finger to easily create streams of dominos. Push the first domino to knock it over. Watch the chain reaction it creates! Select from several camera angles to follow the falling dominoes.

Easily restart, erase, and edit domino streams. Use "Y" intersections to spawn multiple streams. Dominoes automatically stand back up between attempts.

Creates its own interactive music, playing...

Easy Toppling Dominoes
Easy Toppling Dominoes

Easy Toppling Dominoes

monois Inc.

◆◆15 million (*1) total downloads reached

◆◆15 million (*1) total downloads reached!!◆◆

A fun and easy-to-use app that allows you to have fun lining up dominoes and making them topple over.

There are two play modes available: "Easy Mode, and "Edit and Test Mode."

*Easy Mode

A dynamic mode that gives you a diagonal view from the top.
When you drag the stage, the dominoes are lined up and then they...

Dominos City
Dominos City

Dominos City

Brad Howard

Domino City is an addictive and challenging domino game

Domino City is an addictive and challenging domino game

Tap to place a domino and hold to rotate it

Complete each course by laying your domino's in the correct pattern

Knock them down and watch the rally begin!

With great graphics, additive play and challenging levels you will be hooked!

Build your city and watch it come tumbling down

Download and play this great game now!

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Knock them all down

Line ‘Em Up and Knock ‘Em Down in Dominocity



NoStopSign, Inc.

Dominocity is a gorgeous puzzle game where you must line up your dominoes and knock them down to reach the final platform. Are you up for the challenge?

Domino World AR
Domino World AR
Domino World AR

Domino World AR

Schell Games

Domino World is the evolution of a classic childhood pastime. Create incredible virtual domino courses quickly and easily in the world around you, using an assortment of tiles, props and toys. Watch as the dominoes topple over and restart a new course with a simple click of the button. What...

Domino Attack: Warehouse
Domino Attack: Warehouse
Domino Attack: Warehouse

Domino Attack: Warehouse

Polyhedron Learning Media, Inc.

It’s a domino effect construction set. You set ‘em up; you knock ‘em down. It’s mesmerizing. It’s fun! With a big empty warehouse all to yourself and lots of different gadgets to experiment with, the possibilities are endless.

In the interactive Build mode, you can arrange dominoes in preset patterns, or...

Domino Kiss
Domino Kiss
Domino Kiss

Domino Kiss

Takahiro Maki

Use brain100%!!! 3D puzzle!!!
Operation is simple!
Just touch!

Can you solve 49 level puzzle?
Pop! Jump out of the board!
Various techniques!

From children to adults, please enjoy!

White Domino , move left.
Blue Domino , move right.
Red Domino , move on.
Yellow Domino , move down.
Green Domino , will rotate .
When sent to the terminal , it's...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Domino Run 2

Domino Run 2

Steffen Engel

Domino Run 2 is a puzzle game in which dominoes placed on a series of platforms must be rearranged so that they can all be toppled by a single push.

This time completely in 3D, 4 worlds set in a beautiful scenery, with stylish dominoes and platforms, stunning explosions and crumbly rubble await you.
Solve all 150 levels (30 levels in each world, that is 25 levels and 5 extra-challenging levels per world). The last 30 levels are available for download (one level will be unlocked each day starting with release), and more worlds will follow in future updates! The game takes you from “Stone Age” through the wild “Mayan Jungle", a spooky “Ghost Field” to the futuristic “Moon 43”!
Each world introduces special domino types and objects. Your task is to rearrange dominoes and push one of them, so that all dominoes fall, but the finisher domino must fall last.
A domino may fall off the platform it currently is but must land on another platform.

Sounds easy? The difficulty increases with each level and solving it requires quick strategic thinking.
Increase your score by reattempting already mastered levels in shorter times and/or with fewer moves.
There are awards (from bronze to platinum star), depending on how much you are able to beat the record times and number of moves by the level creators!
Compare your world score with others in leaderboards.

Domino Run 2 ships with an intuitive Level Editor with which you can create your own mind-twisting levels!
Have fun by thinking up new ways to combine the dominoes into levels even harder to solve than the ones that ship with the game.
Play your custom levels or share them with all other players by uploading them online via your free Domino Run Online account.
Also download and play levels of other players from all over the world!


* 4 beautiful worlds
* 150 levels with increasing difficulty
* different dominoes with individual behaviors
* tutorials and level solutions
* platinum stars for perfectionists
* intuitive level editor
* share your own levels with other players
* download levels created by other players
* compare your score against the world leaderboards
* analyze your statistics and master all achievements

Dropping Dominoes

Dropping Dominoes

Toygun Balkuvar

New, fun, simple and adventureful way to dash and toppling dominoes. And it's free to play.

Dropping Dominoes; It's a tasteful game that allows you to arrange dominoes by dropping them in an acceptable order and trying not to hit one another.
It will push your limits, by starting from an easy state and will gets harder while passing on to new levels. You will compete with yourself to beat your own score.
Watching the dominoes topple will relax you and your mind, while counts your score.

Dash all your dominoes down...

- Avoid dropping one on to another domino
- Make room for your new dominoes with Fireworks
- Drop under 10 seconds
- Keep your domino in an acceptable distance
- Tighten up to reach the highest score
- Compete with others on Game Center leaderboards

Have fun...