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Wake up With These Alarm Clock Apps

These alarm clock apps offer different strategies to get you out of bed in the morning. Some apps require you to shake your device, use your voice, solve a puzzle, and use other unique ways to jump start your day.

AlarmMon ( alarm clock )
Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

AlarmMon ( alarm clock )
AlarmMon ( alarm clock )

AlarmMon ( alarm clock )

Malang Studio Co. Ltd,

Are you tired of same old, routine life

AlarmMon alarm clock can wake with cute silly characters, pleasant sounds and mini games or with loud, wake the neighbors sounds, and fun games. This alarm clock can also track your morning patterns and give you the day's weather. Make this alarm clock your go to when you need a fun interactive way to way.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

Andres Canella

Wake N Shake is the original alarm clock for movers and shakers

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock will get you up and moving. It requires you to shake your phone until all colors have disappeared from your screen. Your blood will be pumping in no time, and it’s hard to fall back asleep after such exercise. Wake N Shake has 24 different alarm sounds, a strobe light to be certain you will be disturbed from sleep if the sounds do not affect you, a single-tap function for those that need a quick nap, music to help you sleep, and more.

Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep
Alarmy - Alarm Clock & Sleep


Delight Room Co., Ltd.

Start your journey towards healthier mornings and nights

Billed as the most annoying alarm, Alarmy (Sleep if U Can), will not let you down. Designed for those who need an extra push in waking. In order to turn the alarm off you take a picture of a predesignated spot. There is also shake to wake and solve a math problem to wake.

Gesture Alarm Clock
Gesture Alarm Clock

Gesture Alarm Clock

RV AppStudios LLC

Get excited to wake up again

The main appeal of the Gesture Alarm Clock is the ability to have the alarm vibrate rather than make a sound. No disturbing others. It's packed with useful features including a snooze that is designed to cut out that comfort snoozing we fall into.

Alarmy Pro - Alarm Clock
Alarmy Pro - Alarm Clock

Alarmy Pro

Delight Room Co., Ltd.

■ "World's Most Annoying Alarm App, featured by Cnet, Gizmodo,Huffington post etc

The pro version of Alarmy (Sleep if U Can). This is the alarm clock that is designed to help force you to get up. There is picture mode that requires you to get up and take a picture of a predesignated spot in order to turn the alarm off. A math mode that has you solve a math problem to turn the alarm off. There is also a shake to wake option. This alarm clock app may be annoying, but it sure is effective!

Also Good

Apps with average score

Alarm Clock: Shake to Wake
Alarm Clock: Shake to Wake
Alarm Clock: Shake to Wake

Alarm Clock: Shake to Wake

Gianluca Di Maggio

Can't get out of the bed in the morning? Shake to Wake Up is the perfect Alarm Clock for you!

You want to stop the Alarm and bring back silence in your bedroom? Get up and Shake your phone!

- Turns into a useful table clock over night.
- Shake your device...

Memory Alarm Clock
Memory Alarm Clock
Memory Alarm Clock

Memory Alarm Clock

Jarig Duval

Awake on the first beep!
Completely active mind after that little brain game.
End falling back asleep!

Extremely loud and annoying ringtones to wake you up for sure.
Memory game to get you fully awake.
Tons of free features!

Memory Alarm Clock is specifically designed to get you up and running in no...

Barcode Alarm Clock Pro
Barcode Alarm Clock Pro
Barcode Alarm Clock Pro

Barcode Alarm Clock Pro

Jarig Duval

Are you a heavy sleeper who just can’t manage to get out of bed on time?
Do you need a LOUD alarm clock that WAKES you up?
Are you late to meetings and calls?

We have created an alarm clock that will get you out of bed.


It requires you to scan a...

Memory Alarm Clock - Black Edition
Memory Alarm Clock - Black Edition
Memory Alarm Clock - Black Edition

Memory Alarm Clock - Black Edition

Jarig Duval

Become a morning person!

Oversleeping in the morning?
You need Memory Alarm Clock - Black Edition!

No snooze! No oversleeping!

When the Memory Alarm Clock - Black Edition rings it shows a sequence of colors for you to remember.
To turn off the alarm repeat that sequence of colors.


Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock
Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock
Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock

Step Out! Smart Alarm Clock


If you’re always late for work in the morning, you need Step Out of Bed. There’s no way to cheat. You have to get out of bed to stop the annoying alarm sound. As the name implies, you must get out of bed and "step" far enough from it for...

The Best Alarm Clock
The Best Alarm Clock
The Best Alarm Clock

The Best Alarm Clock

NETIGEN Kluzowicz sp. j.

Problems with waking up? Always being late? Sleep disorder? We got something for you!

Netigen Utilities: Alarm Clock – the loudest signal and smart ways of disabling the alarm make this application the best choice of all the waking up devices.

Ways of disabling the alarm:
- Photo. Take a photo of particular...

FreakyAlarm — Games & Barcodes
FreakyAlarm — Games & Barcodes
FreakyAlarm — Games & Barcodes

FreakyAlarm — Games & Barcodes

Enrico Angelini

The most effective alarm clock ever! FreakyAlarm wakes your brain and forces you to get out of bed. One mission – to wake you up at any cost!

◆◆◆ Featured on Mashable, The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, CBS and many others ◆◆◆

The alarm will not stop ringing until you...

Walk Me Up Alarm Clock Free
Walk Me Up Alarm Clock Free
Walk Me Up Alarm Clock Free

Walk Me Up Alarm Clock Free

Mohammad Moosa

Only WALKING dismisses the alarm. Top 5 on Product Hunt.

Revamped modern version of the popular app Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock from the inventors of Pedometer Alarm clocks. Ranked #1 in the US on multiple occasions and featured on Time, Buzzfeed, Lifehacker, Mashable, Digit and many other technology platforms.

Hold the...

Alarm Clock - WakeUp
Alarm Clock - WakeUp
Alarm Clock - WakeUp

Alarm Clock - WakeUp

Emmanuel Boctor

Waking up has never been easier, get up on time every time! With our fun and tricky games we stimulate your mind for the morning. The app includes motion tracking to make sure you get out of bed.

-Adjustable settings for your needs.
-Four engaging games to wakeup to (more coming soon).

Naughty Alarm Clock
Naughty Alarm Clock
Naughty Alarm Clock

Naughty Alarm Clock

Mobpage Holdings Limited

Good morning every heavy sleeper!

Cannot leave the bed at the morning? Thanks to have Naughty Alarm Clock, a smart, fun, and innovative alarm clock application, waking you up every day’s morning. No more oversleep and late arrival!


*Fully Customizable*
>Select the day of week for alarm repeating
>Setting multiple alarms

*Intelligent Wake Up Task*

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

WakUp Alarm Clock - never been so easy to wake up

WakUp Alarm Clock - never been so easy to wake up

Pedro Fernandes

Move your hand near the front camera to snooze.

Multiple ways to turn off the alarm:

Flip: Turn the iPhone upside down.
Slide: Just like you unlock your iPhone.
Shake: Shake from one side to the other.
Tap: One single tap to turn off.

Sleep and wake your way, everyday!

- Quick Alarm: just want to set a quick alarm? Tap on the big hours, set your alarm time, turn on by sliding from left to right and there you go.
- Alarm Center: create alarm for weekdays, weekends or just set a time to wake up only on certain days.
- Sleep Analysis: all your sleep activity is recorded using the low energy motion co-processor.
- Apple Health Integration: keep in record all your sleep data.
- iTunes Music: choose your music to wake up + 9 unique sounds.
- Weather: local weather information always on screen.
- Nightstand Clock: put your iPhone in landscape and enjoy a beautiful nightstand clock.
- Flashlight: to illuminate your room when you need with just 2 taps.
- iCloud: sync all your settings with all your devices.

WakUp for Apple Watch: The ideal WakUp partner
- Set your daily sleep duration goal.
- Glance your sleep duration and progress to your personal goal.
- See how was your last night from sleep duration, efficiency, bed and rise time.
- With notifications you can snooze and turn off, just like the iPhone.
- See your list of alarms.
- Check the next alarm and how much time left to wake up.

Does it work with Do Not Disturb/Silent/Airplane mode?
Yes but the app should be running on screen over night.

Do i need to leave the app running On Screen over night?
To enjoy the best features like Slap, Flip and Shake you should leave the app running on screen over night and charging to not drain battery.

What happens if i lock the screen or close the app?
You will receive a notification at the time of your next alarm but in order to work Do Not Disturb and Silent mode should be off.

Does it run in iPad/iPod?
Yes but as iPad and iPod doesn't have the proximity sensor you will not be able to Slap/Flip.


True Alarm Clock

True Alarm Clock

Phonato Studios

*** This alarm clock does what others don't do - This wakes you up in true sense! :) ***

The alarm clocks are meant to do one thing - and i.e to wake you up. But our mind is in such a state that we tend to either snooze or simply turn off the alarm and sleep. Our brain is at the lowest working level while sleeping.

This App makes sure that you do get up !! How and what it does - It basically shows you a simple mathematical puzzle which normally can be solved very quickly with average intellect level but as you know our mind is in a state where even a simple mathematical puzzle will make sure that you do get in your sense as you solve it and hence wakes up in true sense.


- Beautiful time display.
- Easy to use interface.
- Excellent collection of alarm music.
- Volume crescendo - gentle alarm volume ramp up.
- Recurring and multiple alarms.
- Custom labels for alarms.
- Solve puzzle or enter captcha to snooze or dismiss the alarm.
- Random puzzles or captcha with every alarm.
- Repeat alarm any day of the week.
- Options for snooze limits and progressively shorter snooze times.
- Elegantly designed stopwatch and timer

This is an app worth downloading! Go for it!

For Support :

Uhp Alarm Clock Pro

Uhp Alarm Clock Pro

BeauxApps, LLC


Instead of letting you snooze, UHP makes you walk to your coffee maker -- or anywhere else you think is NOT YOUR BED -- before it'll turn off the alarm! If you don't get up, UHP will POST TO FACEBOOK OR TWITTER.

UHP Alarm Clock is the only app with "Path Tracking" and "Social Media" features. Wake up with UHP and make sure you're out of bed when you need to be.

No other app on the app store is using iPhone technology like UHP -- beware of imitators!

UHP Alarm Clock Pro gets you all features unlocked immediately, and you'll receive all future features for free.


***Path Tracking Alarm -- UHP asks you to track a path from your bed to the place you go when you first get up in the morning -- the coffee maker, the bathroom, or the front door for the newspaper. When the alarm goes off, you have actually go there again (with your phone, obviously) to disarm the alarm!

***Social Media Alarm -- If you try to sleep through your alarm, UHP can (if you enable the feature) post to facebook or tweet! Nothing like a little social pressure to get you out of bed!

***Snooze Control! Own the snooze button and set limits on the number of snoozes you allow yourself! No more snoozing into infinity. You decide how many snoozes you're allowed and how long each one can be.

***iTunes Songs as alarm tones! You can wake up to your iTunes songs in the morning or use one of UHP's awesome built-in tones!

***Weather Info to start your day! When you successfully disarm your alarm, UHP will display helpful weather information to help you plan the day ahead.

***Beautiful design & multiple alarm support to organize your days!

***Super smart! If you set a "Path Tracking" alarm at your house, but forget that it's on while you're on vacation, UHP recognizes the change and won't ask you to walk a path that you can't disarm (it will still wake you up though!).

Quick note: even though UHP is super accurate, it doesn't use GPS to track your path, just to verify that you're in a place where you CAN disarm the alarm that is going off. UHP actually uses UNIQUE "smart" algorithms to determine your path inside your house. None of the location information about your path tracking is collected outside of the app on your phone.

Important meeting, class, or exam tomorrow? No problem. With Uhp Alarm Clock you won't miss it! Chronically late in the morning? Use UHP every day to help you establish a routine!

Learn more at & follow us on Facebook & Twitter!


"I've downloaded basically every alarm clock app there is. This is the ONLY one that gets me out of bed in the morning. I like to tag my boss on Twitter in the Social Media part so that I HAVE to get out of bed when my alarm goes off or I'll really be in trouble!" -- Kelly J.

"UHP! Alarm Clock is exceedingly functional. It not only solves [...] problem of over-snoozing, but also [...] showcases the power of Apple's innovative hardware. I have not discovered another app which so creatively and effectively leverages the vast array of hardware sensors contained in the iPhone to improve the lives of its users." -- bcambas

"HA! This is great! I seriously CAN NOT wake up without coffee, and this app makes sure I get to my coffee maker. LOVE IT."

getup - Motivational Alarm Clock

getup - Motivational Alarm Clock


Do you struggle to get out of bed some mornings? Or some days it's just all too easy to hit the snooze button and head back off to sleep? The secret is to make sure your mind is active & engaged and you're motivated to jump out of bed and take charge of the day the moment you wake up. Introducing the getup Motivational Alarm Clock!

- A beautiful, revolutionary alarm clock that makes sure you can't hit the snooze button and go back to sleep by making you type in a motivational quote to switch off the alarm.
- There are 4 categories of motivational quotes to choose from - Male Fitness, Female Fitness, Business and Inspiration (with more to come!)
- When the alarm goes off, a random piece of epic music will play as your alarm tone (and who doesn't want to wake up to an epic movie scene?!)
- To silence the alarm, type in the quote exactly as it appears and as soon as it's matched the alarm will turn off.

The getup Motivational Alarm Clock will get you motivated to jump out of bed and crush your goals!

Crazy Wake Up Alarm Clock

Crazy Wake Up Alarm Clock

Syed Moinuddin

Trouble waking up in the morning, tired of missing meetings, appointments & classes? We realize the pain & have built the best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers. Waking up made easy with crazy alarm app to get you out of bed, we know what heavy sleep is and how hard it is to wake up.

Some distinctive features of our crazy wake up alarm clock app are:

- 100% guarantee to activate your senses so that you decide to wake up.
- Multiple wake up alarm levels to ensure the effectiveness of alarm.
- Completely random scenarios to pull you out of your bed.
- Works in background, even when the wake up alarm clock app is not running.
- Extremely low power consuming.
- User friendly and attractive design.

A common problem for almost everyone you know in this generation would probably be to wake up on time, be it for work, class, meetings, or the day’s activities. Therefore we have come up with a unique idea to wake you up on time so you don't miss any commitment anymore!

Crazy Alarm Features
- Automatic rescheduling of wake up alarm clock
- Prompts you up front if your volume is low or the phone is mute
- Sleep cycle calculation based reminders will inform you when you should go to finish up your work and go to sleep so that you can wake up on time.
- Multiple wake-up alarm clock schedulers, weekly, monthly, daily and once
- Background alarm support so that you DONT need to keep the app open for wake up alarm clock to work.
- User friendly screen design to make sure it does not affect your eyes in dark.

- Select ringtone from list of so many distinctive sounds
- Loud ringtones to make sure you wake up
- Set different ringtone for your different alarms
- Anti-snooze system so that you wake up to alarm sound
- Vibration alarm in case if phone is on mute.

Alarm Levels
- Maths alarm level will ask you to solve simple maths problem when alarm sets off.
- Captcha Alarm level requires you to input random characters. Its really tricky especially when keyboard keys are switched.
- 360 spin would ask you to stand up and spin 360 degrees to turn stop the alarm
- Shake to wake alarm will only stop if you shake the alarm in a particular style.
- Random alarm will select any of the above level randomly so that you dont get used to the same alarm every day.

Check out our customer's feedback.

Super ALARM clock! *****
by RCal08 – May 5, 2017 United States
I have tried it for a week now and I have been up and ready to go! Life saver!
Good *****
by Spenny_15 – Apr 2, 2017
I use it when I go to school ever morning and it wakes me up fine.
Good advice + Random ****
by Prh_84 – Mar 9, 2017 Australia
elements of this wake up alarm clock mean the element of surprise is retained thereby making the alarm more effective. Recommended.
Useful wake up alarm clock ****
by K3rmitron – May 10, 2017 Australia
I sort of hate how effective it is at waking me up.
Top! *****
by mullifgbgdd – Dec 21, 2016
Perfect app!
Good alarm clock****
by Kendradayc – Aug 31, 2016
Really irritates the fire out of you til you're awake



Grace Huang Inc

THE MORNING MAN® Alarm Clock App is the best way to wake up and start your day. Listen to sweet, sexy, and romantic voices of different men from around the globe waking you up every morning! Why have a loud chirp or a bell as an alarm when you could wake up with a real Morning Man®?

Would you prefer a sweet Scotsman to wake you? A sexy Frenchman offering you a coffee? An Italian whispering sweet nothings while you hit the snooze button over and over? A romantic Brit to be the first voice you hear in the morning?

With THE MORNING MAN® Alarm Clock App, change the way you start your day. We promise that your mornings will never be the same...

For a limited time, you can purchase The Morning Man Voices Bundle 1 for just $0.99. Bundle 1 includes Australian, Brazilian, British, Italian, Scottish and Spanish voices. More voices coming soon!

Triple Threat Alarm Clock

Triple Threat Alarm Clock

Golden Pentagram Inc.


Guaranteed to wake you up, get alert, and get you out of bed!

Triple Threat Alarm Clock has not one, not two, but a full THREE stages of PRIME waking up material.

You have to shake the phone for two seconds, Type in a eight-digit code, and then type, “Getting up is worth it,” to finally end the alarm.

Furthermore you are timed on how quickly you complete all three stages. Every time you wake up you can challenge yourself to beat your previous best.

There's no snooze, and only three sounds, annoying, more annoying, and, "Wow i have never been more annoyed in my life." This app is designed to get you up and alert, not to be your friend!