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April 09, 2021

My Reads
HomePaper for HomeKit
Sunset Time: Sunrise, Daylight
Active Arcade
Sago Mini Space

Our roundup of the best new apps this week is highlighted by a great cross platform read-it-later app. See what else made the list.

My Reads
My Reads

My Reads

Bean's Bytes, LLC

Save Anything to Read Later

My Reads allows you to save articles, stories, blogs, podcasts, and more to read later. You can save links from most apps or even copy a link directly into the app. You’ll assign tags to keep the links organized. The app will automatically sync across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac version.

HomePaper for HomeKit

HomePaper for HomeKit

Pearce Media Limited

Customize the Home App

HomePaper for HomeKit brings a whole new level of ways to make the Home app your own.Using the app, you can start by selecting an image from your Photo Library or snap a picture with the app. That image can then be combined with a number of preset gradients or you can even create your own.

Sunset Time: Sunrise, Daylight

Sunset Time

Nicola Eusebi

Here Comes the Sun

You can see the sunrise, sunset, and first and last light times for a current location or anywhere you search. It also shows the time for both golden hour and blue hour.