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August 23, 2019

Challunge-Workout Competition
Artmator - Vector Art Drawing
PhoneDown - Stay Focused
Glitch Video

Check out our choices for the best new apps to arrive this week. We’re highlighting a great way to challenge friends in a workout competition and more.

Challunge-Workout Competition
Challunge-Workout Competition


Willpower Fitness Group, LLC

Challenge Your Friends

You can challenge your friends to a fitness competition. Select from sit-ups, pull-ups, or push-ups, choose from a pool of different exercises. See who can come out on top.

Artmator - Vector Art Drawing


Amit Chaudhary

A Vector Drawing and Illustrator App

Featuring support for the built-in Files app, Artmator is a connected vector drawing and illustrator app. You can draw shapes, place photos, and much more.

PhoneDown - Stay Focused


Jake El Mir

Help Focus Away from the Phone

PhoneDown is designed to help you focus on work and put away the distraction of an iPhone. You’ll start the app’s timer whenever it’s time to focus on work. You can collect achievements and level up when meeting goals.