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September 04, 2020

Moore Power Golf
bClock: the minimalistic clock
TouchMath Connect 1
Chopra Meditation & Well-Being
Money Tracker - Budget Card

We’re featuring a golf instruction app, a minimalistic clock, and more in our Best Apps of the Week.

Moore Power Golf
Moore Power Golf

Moore Power Golf

Swing by Swing Golf, Inc.

Improve Your Golf Game

Professional golfer Jonathan Moore’s app Moore Power Golf wants to help players improve their game. The app offers access to a full video library and much more.

bClock: the minimalistic clock


Clay Loneman

A Minimalistic Clock

A simple clock app, bClock allows you to change the color and font of each element to match the atmosphere. There is a bottom left icon will show the weather.

TouchMath Connect 1

TouchMath Connect 1

TouchMath Acquisition LLC

Help Bring Math to Life

TouchMath Connect is designed for teachers. The app helps students develop a foundation in 26 different match concepts like counting to 20, addition, and subtraction.