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December 11, 2020

D2W Fitness by DeMarcus Ware
Titan By KRON
Light Panel Pro
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Dreemer - Dream Journal

Our best new apps of the week feature two great workout apps, a different type of calendar, and more.

D2W Fitness by DeMarcus Ware

D2W Fitness by DeMarcus Ware

Driven to Win

Pro-Level Fitness

From former NFL star DeMarcus Ware, D2W Fitness brings pro training techniques to anyone. The app uses video, 3D animation, augmented reality, and machine learning for the best experience. There are more than 600 videos.

Titan By KRON

Titan By KRON

Nectelier Inc.

A New Idea on the Usual Calendar App

Titan by Kron is a different kind of calendar. You can visualize all of your calendar events simultaneously. You can zoom from an hour view all the way out to visualize different events. The app’s UI is inspired by space and the cosmos.

Light Panel Pro

Light Panel Pro

Mike Woolley

Turn Your iPhone or iPad Into an LED Panel

Photographer should love LightPanel. The app turns your iPhone or iPad into a light panel. You can customize brightness and color temperature. It can also be used as a light table for scans and negatives.