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February 23, 2020

KING OF MATH: Math Learner
Balance Forecasting
Letter Meadow
iOrnament Pro
Battery Grapher for Watch

Parents will definitely want to take a look at the newest edition of our Best Apps of the Week. We're highlighting two great educational apps, a powerful way to track your Apple Watch battery, and more.

KING OF MATH: Math Learner


wonderkind GmbH

Helping Make Math Fun For Kids

King of Math is a fun way for kids to learn and improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Kids can write on the screen with their finger and the app will automatically understand the number.

Balance Forecasting

Balance Forecasting

Paul Chitoiu

Understand Where Your Money is Going

With the Balance Forecasting app, you can take a better look at a forecast of your financial future by taking into account monthly expenses and income.

Letter Meadow

Letter Meadow

Wonder Bunch Media

Take a Trip to Letter Meadow

Kids can take a trip to Letter Meadow in Wonder Bunch. They’ll see more about each letter and then trace it on the screen.