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January 21, 2022

(Not Boring) Habits
Classic Reddit
Film Buff - Journal & Tracker
Note Yourself - Remind Self

Here's a quick roundup of the best apps we've seen in the past week on the App Store. Our list is topped by (Not Boring) Habits. Other great apps include a film tracker and unique note-taking app.

(Not Boring) Habits
(Not Boring) Habits

(Not Boring) Habits

Andy Works LLC

Using Science (and Fun) to Build Positive Habits

Instead of acting as a simple to-do list, the app adds a big dose of gaming fun to build positive habits or break bad ones. Each day you take action, you’ll move further along a journey that spans eight levels. Each level focuses on a different challenge in learning a new habit while offering support. The challenge lasts 60 days.

Classic Reddit

Classic Reddit

Andrew Hill

Turn Back the Clock on Reddit

Classic Reddit always forces Reddit to use the classic layout free of account logins, popups, and other annoyances. It also applies additional visual tweaks to make the site display better on mobile devices.

Film Buff - Journal & Tracker

Film Buff

Atasagun Kahveci

Keep Track of Your Movie Habit

The main draw of the film journal app is that you can add movies you’ve seen and haven’t seen to a list. For those films, you can add them to a list, sort each one, add them to a favorites section, and write notes as a reviewer. When adding films, you can also include title, release year, rating, and genre.