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February 01, 2019

Remote Walk: Virtual Fitness
Step - Mobile Bank for Teens
Stellar: Connect the Dots
3D Spasticity
Comet for reddit

Our Best Apps of the Week have a little something for everyone with a great way to make your walk around the block more interesting, a mobile banking app for teens, and more.

Remote Walk: Virtual Fitness
Remote Walk: Virtual Fitness

Remote Walk

RoamPath, LLC

Explore Famous Cities From Anywhere

The fun exercise app allows you to explore famous cities during a simple walk around the neighborhood.

Step - Mobile Bank for Teens

Step - Mobile Bank for Teens

Step Mobile Inc.

Help Teach Kids Financial Literacy

Designed for parents and teenagers, Step is a modern bank and great way to help teach financial literacy and more. Kids will receive their own account and a debit card. Each account earns a very nice 2.5 percent interest.

Stellar: Connect the Dots



Head to the Stars

Stellar: Connect the Dots will send you to the stars to help relieve stress. You can connect dots and create beautiful masterpieces.