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July 16, 2021

Plantir: Plant Care & Reminder
Kettlebell Home Workout
Evergreen: Relationship Growth
Inside The Lines
Tuner Radio Player
Auto Location Keyboard

Our best new app of the week is Plantir, a great way to keep track of everything with your plants. See what else made the list.

Plantir: Plant Care & Reminder
Plantir: Plant Care & Reminder


Island Sprite LLC

Take Care of Your Plants

You can track anything imaginable with your plants.

Kettlebell Home Workout

Kettlebell Home Workout

Axiom Mobile LLC

Build muscle and gain strength with kettlebell workout

Build muscle and gain strength with kettlebell workout.

Download the app and get everything you need:

• Preset training plan
• Illustrated exercises for each muscle group
• Voice feedback
• Detailed history
• Beautiful, fit body and strong muscles
• Integration with Apple Health

Select a weight that you're comfortable with.
Only increase the weight when a set starts to feel as though it's not challenging you anymore.

Evergreen: Relationship Growth


Evergreen Technologies

Grow a Relationship

You’ll answer questions that help you and a partner spark conversation and grow a deeper connection.

Inside The Lines

Inside The Lines

DeJon Cage

Kids Can Make Art And Learn

Younger artists can use the special mode to help the color inside the lines.