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July 31, 2020

Dilims - Time zones app
Microsoft Family Safety
Fitness Coach by JumpyCat
Sharp Cooking
Hydrate - Water Tracker
Weather on the Way

Our latest look at the Best Apps of the Week include a great way to manage time zones of co-workers and an inclusive fitness that uses AI.

Dilims - Time zones app
Dilims - Time zones app


Eliz Kilic

Manage Time Zones

Using the app, you can enter the working hours of co-workers in different time zones and then view overlapping times. That’s a great way to help plan for a video conference or other virtual event.

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Corporation

Keep Your Family Safe Online and Offline

The new Microsoft Family Safety app provides protection for your loved ones online and offline. You can view activity reports for screen time and online use. It’s also possible to set content filters. The app also offers a family GPS location tracker.

Fitness Coach by JumpyCat

Fitness Coach by JumpyCat

Yocta Engineering Limited

AI for Fitness

Fitness Coach by Jumpy Cat uses AI to create a personalized video and audio workout on demand. Just select a duration from 5 to 60 minutes, level, body area, training style, and variety. The app then creates a workout that’s unique every time. The audio portion is designed to be inclusive for low vision and blind users, seniors, and users with knee or hip issues.