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August 04, 2017

Jubal Flute
Google Earth
Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart
UV Safe - Sun Protection
iTranslate Converse
MealPrepPro: Meal prep planner
Stats Royale for Clash Royale
Bumble Bee Watch

Another week down, and another batch of best apps. This week, we've discovered new and exciting health and fitness apps, a citizen science project, and some outrageous comedy. There's plenty more here, so read on for this week's best apps.

Jubal Flute

Jubal Flute


The gorgeous sound of a hemlock flute

You'll fall in love instantly with this simple but inspiring instrument, reminiscent of spring festivals and woodland folk dances.

Orbit the world in full 3-D
Google Earth

Google Earth

Google LLC

The premier app for exploring the planet

We may live on a small planet in the grand scheme of things, but it's got plenty of interesting locations to explore. This app's latest update makes that easy.

Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart

Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart

Lyonheart Inc

The original streaming video app from standout comedian Kevin Hart

Chock full of standup comedy, sketches, and original programming, Kevin Hart's streaming video service is just what the doctor ordered.

UV Safe - Sun Protection

UV Safe

Shawn Patel

Know when and how much sunscreen to use

If you want to know whether you should use sunscreen, and how much you should slather on, this app has the answer.