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June 17, 2022

Workout Calendars for Fitness+
Digital Notes
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Make the most of Apple Fitness+ with our top new app, Workout Calendars for Fitness+. See what else made our list.

Workout Calendars for Fitness+
Workout Calendars for Fitness+

Workout Calendars for Fitness+

William Walker

Make the Most of Apple Fitness+

Workout Calendars for Fitness+ helps you make the most of Apple Fitness+. Instead of needing to select a workout, this app will give you access to monthly calendar workout plans. You can subscribe to a calendar that compliments your schedule and fitness goals. The calendars will be update each month.

Digital Notes

Digital Notes

Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd.

A Simple Way to Capture Notes

Digital Notes is all about writing, sketching, or doodling notes on your iPhone or iPad. You can also use an Apple Pencil. Thanks to iCloud sync, all of the notes will be available on each of your devices. Along with a minimal UI, you can add tags and even share notes on social media.