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June 09, 2017

Chordy 2
Affinity Photo
No You Di'int Baby Name Generator
Pulse Breathing
OverPicture for Safari
TidBit Social

Welcome to another installment of our Best New Apps of the Week series. In this week's edition, we've got a great app for musicians, a fantastic photo editor for the iPad, and a full-featured Tor browser. There's also much more, so check out the apps below.

Chordy 2
Chordy 2

Chordy 2

Studio Phiz

The chord creator and player for musicians

When creating music, you need an app that has a good user interface while also being powerful enough to support your musical expression. If you want to play with chords, that also means being able to make the most of your keyboard by being able to perform every possible chord with as few keys as possible. Being able to add variations on those themes is great, too. That's part of what makes Chordy 2 so great.

Plenty of tutorials and samples to work with
Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

Serif Labs

The first fully-featured photo editor for the iPad

Affinity Photo offers all of the features you'd expect from an iPad image editing app. Then, it goes many steps further, placing the app in the realm of desktop photo editing software packages.