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November 29, 2019

Treasure: Have more.
SOFTO - Polaroid Camera
Microsoft Math Solver
Pencil Calendar

The latest edition of the Best Apps of the Week is here. Some of our choices include a unique way to save money and a fun kids game reimagined for iOS devices.

Treasure: Have more.
Treasure: Have more.


Luke Bradford

A Unique Way to Save

The app helps you be more deliberate about spending choices and tracks the money you don’t spend.

SOFTO - Polaroid Camera

SOFTO - Polaroid Camera

Cheol Kim

Turn Your iPhone Into a Polaroid

You can turn back the clock with SOFTO - Polaroid Camera. You can print the date and place on a photo with a special handwritten font. There are also settings for a flash and timer along with a selfie mode.



PlayDate Digital

A Classic Game for a New Generation of Kids

Kids can still try to remove each of the ailments with a pair of virtual tweezers. When you hit the side of the cavity, and you know you will, Sam’s nose will light up along with a buzzer. And the iOS device will even shake.