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September 10, 2021

Cibo - Visual Menu Translator
Rise Weather
Sticker Doodle: Photo Stickers
LAZER Browser
Food ID
Pomo - Focus Timer

We’re featuring an Apple Watch web browser, a simple weather app, and a fun way to create your own iMessage stickers in our roundup of the best new apps of the week.

Cibo - Visual Menu Translator

Cibo - Visual Menu Translator

Good Snooze

See What You're Ordering

You might be traveling abroad and are trying to have a meal at a local restaurant. But when the menu comes, it’s time for confusion if you don’t speak the native language. But the new app Cibo from developer Jordi Bruin is designed to help you better understand what to order.

Rise Weather

Rise Weather

Joseph Szafarowicz

Simple Weather

Rise Weather provides a simple and easy way to see what’s happening with Mother Nature at any location. You can view 24-hour and 10-day forecasts. Select the hourly cards to view conditions for 24 hours in advance. Tapping the daily cards will also provide detailed conditions like sunrise or sunset.

Sticker Doodle: Photo Stickers

Sticker Doodle

Charles Etzel

Create Your own iMessage Stickers

The fun app allows you to create your own stickers that can be sent via iMessage. You can easily create a sticker with your finger or whip out an Apple Pencil and draw on an iPad. The app supports the iPhone and iPad drawing tools including the rulers, pens, pencils, and more.