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September 13, 2019

Dolby On: Record Audio & Video
Debt Free - Snowball Avalanche
Grade Point - GPA & Homework
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Clеany - Sаfе Clеаnеr

Our top app of the week is a great way to bring advanced Dolby sound to your iOS device for free.

Dolby On: Record Audio & Video
Dolby On: Record Audio & Video

Dolby On

Dolby Laboratories

Record Audio and Video in Dolby Technology

The Dolby On app can bring the advanced Dolby sound to your iOS device, for free. You can record audio and video with the special audio processing technology. You can share through social media or even start a Facebook livestream.

Debt Free - Snowball Avalanche

Debt Free

Polybit Studio Pty Ltd

Tackling Debt Head On

You can select from four different strategies to pay off debt.

Grade Point - GPA & Homework

Grade Point

Atemnkeng Fontem

Keep Track of Your GPA and Homework

Students can calculate their GPA while also keeping track of their homework and assignments due for each class.