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baby apps

Welcome Your Bundle of Joy with Baby Apps for New Parents

After bringing your newborn home, make sure that you have helpful apps and tools. Tracking activities, monitoring sleep, and shopping for items can all be done easily with these great apps.

Tracking Activities

Keep track of feedings, naps, diaper changes, and all things baby with these handy activity trackers.

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log

Keep track of your baby’s activities with an intuitive tool.

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log

For those who like baby activity trackers that include data syncing and photo upload options.

Baby Tracker is a terrific, full-featured tool for keeping track of all of your baby’s activities. From feedings and a sleep schedule to health records and milestones, the app has everything you need. With simple methods for sharing data with doctors and caregivers, quick and easy entry of details, and a notes section for things you need to remember, Baby Tracker offers it all with a clean and intuitive interface.

Why we love it

For all your baby activity tracking needs, Baby Tracker has you covered. The app works with both iPhone and iPad for flexibility, offers easy entry of information, and lets you use photos for your baby’s achievements and milestones.

Glow Baby Tracker & Growth App

Track every aspect of your child’s first year with the Glow Baby app.

Glow Baby Tracker & Growth App

Embrace Parenthood

For those who like baby activity trackers that include helpful articles and a supportive community.

With Glow Baby, all of the data is presented in beautiful and nicely designed charts that help give parents a great overall look at their baby’s general health. You can also keep track of multiple children simultaneously, and more than one caregiver can log information. As a nice touch, Glow has partnered with Baby411 so you can read daily articles about milestones, feeding, and more. You can also talk with other parents about baby development in the app’s community section.

Why we love it

As any parent knows, your baby’s first year is a busy and important time filled with sleepless nights, diaper duty, and a whole lot more. Glow Baby is a great way to help track your baby’s important growth and milestones as they continue to grow healthy and happy every day.

Baby Feed Timer, breastfeeding

Keep track of nursing and feeding with a simple tool.

Baby Feed Timer, breastfeeding

Baby Feed Timer, breastfeeding

For those who like baby activity trackers with Apple Watch support.

With Baby Feed Timer, you can track both breast and bottle feedings, diaper changes, sleep, and growth. Available on iPhone and iPad with Apple Watch support, tracking activity from any device is easy. You can add a photo for personalization, use the timer for late night feedings, compare your baby’s growth with data from the World Health Organization, and receive feeding reminders.

Why we love it

Baby Feed Timer is a great tool for tracking nursing and feeding, but also sleep, growth, and diaper changes. It is super easy to use and available on multiple devices making it both flexible and convenient.

Shopping for Necessities

From clothing to diapers to furniture, shop from the convenience of your device for all your baby needs.

Getting Help with Child Care

If you are looking for a local babysitter or daycare option, these apps can point you in the right direction.

Find Child Care: Sittercity
Find Child Care: Sittercity

Find Child Care: Sittercity


Sittercity connects millions of families with caregivers. Sign up for free on our app, or on, and get the tools you need to find the right local babysitters or nannies for your family with confidence.

You must be 18 or older to use the Sittercity platform.

Begin to build your team with us by connecting with experienced child care providers who can help you with needs like after-school, date nights, full or part-time care, regular schedules, and more.

[+] Post a job for free detailing your child care, school help, or even tutoring needs
[+] Get instant notifications when babysitters or nannies apply
[+] Filter your search results based on criteria like experience and skills
[+] View detailed sitter profiles with photos, availability, background checks, references, and parent reviews
[+] Book an interview with your favorite sitters

[+] Get regular notifications about new jobs in your area
[+] Create a professional profile to showcase your skills and experience
[+] Apply to jobs and message parents right from your phone
[+] Filter your search to see job opportunities that fit your schedule
[+] Meet new families when they request to interview you

Already a Sittercity member? Welcome back! Simply log in to access your account.

Please note this nanny and babysitting app is focused on finding child care or finding a babysitting or nanny job as a child care provider. Visit to find pet care and other care types such as senior care and special needs care.

Privacy Policy -
Terms of Use -

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Babysits - Find Babysitters
Babysits - Find Babysitters

Babysits - Find Babysitters


We are the babysitting community. Babysits makes it easy for parents and babysitters to find one another.

With our intuitive platform, you can effortlessly search, connect, and plan babysitting appointments.

- Search before you even sign up
- Read reviews and references
- Benefit from secure messaging
- Directly in contact via push notifications
- Plan appointments
- Always free for babysitters, affordable for parents
- Set your own rates and schedules
- Screen, interview and make your choice

We help parents - by creating the best search experience. With tons of search options, it is easy to find the perfect babysitter for your family. We then facilitate communication through our intuitive messaging service and appointment planner. These features allow you to quickly make a great selection!

We help babysitters - by providing flexibility, freedom, and opportunity. We do not take commission for babysitting jobs, and give you the power to negotiate your own hours and salary with parents. In short, our platform lets you be your own boss.

Download our app now and become part of the premier global babysitting community.

If you enjoy the app, please consider taking a few minutes to review us!


Free for babysitters. Affordable for parents.
- Upgrading to premium gives parents the ability to contact babysitters and plan appointments.
- The premium service is a recurring monthly subscription.
- Only $19.99 per month (or local equivalent)

Privacy Policy:
Terms and Conditions:

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Helpr - On-Demand Childcare
Helpr - On-Demand Childcare

Helpr - On-Demand Childcare

Helpr LLC

Helpr provides in-home personal childcare with a vetted professional in as little as 3 hours or up to 3 months in advance. Register in just a few moments using the Helpr app or call Support for assistance. The team is excited to connect and learn about your family!

Example use cases: gap care, school/daycare closures and holidays, mild sick days, health appointments, late or early working hours, & wellness needs such as “me-time,” exercise, date-nights, and self care.

Upon registering, you’ll be able to add local sitters to your “Favorites” list so that you can send a specific request, but rest assured that you’re covered to schedule a helpr to arrive with as little as 3 hours notice during Helpr’s office hours.

We are creating the gold standard of in-home childcare.

It works like this:
1. Tell us about your family.
2. Book the times and dates you need.
3. A trusted childcare provider will be matched to you. Review her profile and video. If it's a match, then great! Remember, everyone meets our high standard for care.
4. Sitter arrives to your home, hotel, or office to meet the family!
5. All payments are accepted by credit on the app. Tip is already included.

Helpr babysitters go through the following high-touch screening process:
+ Online application
+ In-person interview
+ ID verification
+ Criminal background check
+ CPR certification
+ Professional childcare reference calls
+ Social media review

Who are we?
Our founders, Kasey Edwards and Rebecca Klauber Richter, have placed over 100,000 hours of babysitting on-demand.

Read more about our founders:

LA Magazine's LA Woman column

Fast Company


Babysitters are currently available in:
Los Angeles, California
Santa Barbara, California
Orange County, California
San Francisco, California
Austin, Texas
San Diego, CA
New York, New York
Athens, Ohio
Seattle, Washington
Chicago, Illinois
Atlanta, Georgia

Reach us anytime by phone or email:
Office hours:
Weekdays 4am-8pm PST
Saturday 8am-8pm PST
Sunday 11am-8pm PST

Join the Helpr community:
The Village By Helpr:

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Lulling Your Little One

With soothing, ambient sounds and sweet, calming lullabies, these apps are perfect for baby’s bedtime.

Sound Sleeper White Noise Baby

Choose a sound, record your own, and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Sound Sleeper White Noise Baby

Help your baby relax and drift gently off to sleep

For those who like white noise to soothe their baby to sleep.

If sounds such as rain or even a vacuum cleaner soothe your newborn, then Sound Sleeper is the app for you. Play mode lets you choose the sound to lull your little one into dreamland and you can also record your own sounds. Listen mode turns the app on automatically if your baby cries during the night. And, Sleep Tracking mode allows you to analyze your baby’s sleep patterns with colorful, easy-to-read graphs. If you are ready for a good night’s sleep, check out Sound Sleeper for your infant.

Why we love it

Sound Sleeper provides white noise options to help relax and calm your baby to sleep. Choose a sound or record your own and get ready to sleep through the night.

White Noise Baby

Pick a comforting sound or calming song to help your baby relax at bedtime.

White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby

For those who like apps with both sounds and songs to relax their baby.

For a that provides both soothing sounds and ambient music, White Noise Baby is a great choice. Choose from sounds like a fan, conch shell, or wind chimes or pick a classical music track from Beethoven, Chopin, or Mozart. The shutoff timer fades into silence and will reactivate if your baby begins to fuss. If calming and relaxing your little one at bedtime is difficult, try an app with sounds that soothe.

Why we love it

White Noise Baby provides a nice variety of sounds and music tracks. With a shutoff timer that fades softly and reactivates if your baby starts to cry, this is a helpful app for calming your infant.

Monitoring Your Newborn

Instead of sneaking into the nursery, baby monitoring apps let you check on your newborn without the risk of waking them.

Sense-U Baby

Sense-U Baby

LEDO Network Inc.

Welcome to the Sense-U Baby app! Together with the Sense-U Smart baby products, the Sense-U Baby App allows you to monitor your child's sleep, video, and nursery, and more, anytime, anywhere!

If you have any questions regarding the Sense-U App and products, we recommend to contact us via In-app Feedback from the Sense-U Baby App: Setup->Help->Feedback, for expedited diagnose and response. Or email us at for general questions. If you like our products, please kindly leave us a review in the App Store!

* The Sense-U Baby Monitors are not medical devices and are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

* The Sense-U Baby Monitor has obtained regulatory clearance in European Union and Japan.

* Avoid sandwiching clothing or other material between the clip accessory and the Sense-U Baby Monitor. It may break the accessory and introduce false notifications at your own risk.

* Automatic Subscription Service Description
1. Subscription service: continuous month (1 month), continuous year (12 months)
2. Subscription price: $6.99/ month for continuous monthly package and $69.99/ year for continuous annual package
3. Payment: After the user confirms the purchase and makes the payment, it is credited to the iTunes account
4. Automatic renewal: The apple iTunes account will be deducted within 24 hours before the expiration, and the subscription period will be extended by one subscription period after the successful deduction
5. Turn off the service: You can go to "iTunes Store and App Store" from "Settings" on your iPhone and click "Apple ID" and select" View Apple ID" to enter the "account"
"Settings" page, click "Subscribe" to manage the automatic subscription service. If you need to cancel the service, you can close the service 24 hours before the end of each billing period, and the fee will not be deducted within 24 hours before the expiration
6. Service Agreement:
7. Automatic renewal agreement:



Udisense inc.

Nanit speaks baby.
Understand your baby’s days and nights. Nanit’s camera uses something called computer vision. Nanit learns how your baby moves, and tells you if they’re fussy, awake or sleeping like a dream.

Understand their night and conquer sleep.
Nanit Insights helps you identify sleep issues, so you can adjust and get back on track fast. Nanit tracks—and understands—sleep patterns, parent visits, room conditions and much more.

Your new morning briefing.
Every morning Nanit Insights delivers last night’s highlight reel. Plus a Sleep Score. So you’ll know instantly if baby’s sleep is improving.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor

VIGI Limited

Cloud Baby Monitor is an amazing app that is everything a baby monitor should be. This monitor broadcasts both video and audio, allows you to speak to your baby, play a lullaby from afar, and has an unlimited broadcasting range. You can watch baby when at home or when you are away, granted that you've already accepted your parent unit's request on the baby unit device. The interface is nice, not cheesy looking like some of the other apps in this category. Best of all, the developer is constantly improving this app, making it the best baby monitor app out there hands down.

Sharing the Cuteness

Share the excitement of being a new parent with cute baby-related stickers for iMessage.