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City Photo Mirroring

Add Some Flair to Your Photos

Jazzing up your photos should be easy and fun.These iOS apps make it just that and you will love the results.

ArtEffect: Art Filters Pic Effects, Photo Editor
ArtEffect: Art Filters Pic Effects, Photo Editor

ArtEffect: Art Filters Pic Effects, Photo Editor

Dmitry Firsov

ArtEffect - Art Filters Pic Effects and Photo Editor

Become new Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci or any other great artista, with the free and official app ArtEffect - Art Filters Pic Effects, Photo Editor! Thanks to modern 2016 technology and artificial intelligence, neural network will recognize the styles of great artists and puts them on your selfie shots.
Look at your photos through the prizma of more than 50 brand new filters. Start ArtEffect application, make photo with the camera, or select image from the gallery of your device, then cut the photo, if necessary, choose the appropriate style for you and share your artistic masterpieces with friends in popular social networks and instant messengers or Insatagram.

Art Effect is:
- Focus and trimming, photo editor
- More than 50 art styles: artistic effects, photo effects, art effects, effect of prisma and style of artisto
- Incredible filters for pictures
- Fast speed, the filter processes the picture in 2-3 seconds
- Share photos to popular social networks and instant messengers
- High-quality, ready-resolution photos - 1024x1024

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Tangled FX
Tangled FX

Tangled FX

Orange Qube

FEATURED on the front page of App Store in UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand and 16 other countries.

David Biedny, Mac|Life:
"4/5 - GREAT ... The overall effect is really quite distinctive and visually pleasing - and this is coming from someone who has seen 20 years of Photoshop filter development and other graphics wizardry"

Jennifer Allen, 148apps:
"4/5 - SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE ... Tangled FX offers a variety of different filters to make those iOS photos look all the better."

Trevor Sheridan, AppleNApps:
"Tangled FX is a top notch photo effects app that truly stands out in a crowded App Store, and provides such value making it worth picking up."

Nicky Sanford, PhotoCruncher:
"If you are looking for a wildly fun and exciting way to spice up your photos, Tangled FX, by Orange Qube, is an app that will do just that"

Tina L Rice, Combo Apps featured on Life In LoFi:
"What I like the most about Tangled FX is you can do really crazy looking outlines with an electric looking effect to your photo editing"

Yann Lebecque, i comme photo:
"In a nutshell : very original and producing versatile results, Tangled FX will surely please the graphic processing buffs. A must have!"

Nakimo, タッチ ラボ:

@ FEATURED also in photo category in 22 other countries like China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Spain.

@ #1 Photo app in Australia and Czech Republic. #2 Photo app in UK.

Tired of all the same old photo effects? Want something new and fresh?

Be the first to use the brand new Tangled effect and surprise your friends. Create art from images with just a touch of a button.

Watch the magic unfold in an animated photo process. You would never expect that your photos had such beauty hidden in them. All those tangled strokes, strings and swirls just pop out. And all of this in full HD 8-megapixel photo resolution.

Tangled FX is also a great showcase of how much heavy processing you can achieve on your small and handy device. All of this thanks to the shear awesomeness of your device's GPU computational power. Great buy :)


New original photo effect with astonishing results

Rendering at full photo resolution with preview mode so you can quickly see the effects

And two sample images showing the effect possibilities to get you started
That are the same images used in the first two screenshots so try it yourself :)

Tune the final effect to your liking or switch to advanced settings to have full control over the effect

Save your custom preset and share it in a clickable link form

If you just have a low resolution photo then don't worry. It will be automatically upscaled to a higher resolution for better results

Tangled FX Takes full advantage of your device GPU pushing it to the max

Share to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Camera roll, Clipboard or open in any other photo app

Quickly find and join the tangling community and share your creations

So you can enjoy it on your iPhone iPod Touch and iPad

+ EXIF, IPTC, TIFF metadata handling

... and an inside manual just in case :)

- Follow @TangledFX on Instagram featuring the best tangled photos tagged with #tangledfx.
- See the official "Tangled FX" Flick group
- Add the official #tangledfx tag to take part in growing tangled community on Instagram, Flickr and Twitter :)

Last screenshot contains photos from the great Instagram users:
@dccitygirl (daisy), @sylviestokes (cat), @exiad (owl), @david73_ud (flower) @kristincannonphoto (alligator), @gomiko (wave)
Thanks :)

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VFX Studio - Action Photo FX
VFX Studio - Action Photo FX

VFX Studio - Action Photo FX

Victor Barrere

Add stunning movie-like effects to your pictures, in minutes !
"The best photo effects app on the App Store." - AppInsiders

It's like having Hollywood studios in your pocket, you can build and share amazing action pictures with an incredible ease.

- Lightsaber fighting
- Kamehameha blasting
- Fake your car was attacked
- Fire in the house
- T-Rex attack
- …
More than 300 realistic effects available, endless possibilities !

You can adjust colors on each effect and use specific tools like Mask, Blur, Grain or Perspective to get the most realistic rendering.

Categories currently available :

- MISC (UFOs, pranks, wings…)
- PROPS (masks and other accessories)

(Some effects and tools require upgrading to Pro with a single in-app purchase)
More and more categories are added on each update, for free.

How easy it is ?

- Select a photo or take a live shot.
- Choose an effect from the hudge library.
- Tweak position / scale / rotation.
- (optional) Adjusting the effect's colors and other options…
- Save and share with friends !

Unleash the power of VFX Studio now !

Like us on Facebook to get the latest news and share your pics with users !

Visit us on or !

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Percolator: Dazzling Mosaics

Percolator: Dazzling Mosaics

Tinrocket, LLC

Transform your photos into dazzling, multicolor mosaics.


• Create delightful mosaics from your photos
• Amazing Brews, each with their own unique look
• Intuitive dial-based controls
• Save to your phone or share via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Email
• Try it with other photo editing apps — mix-n-match!


• “Delightfully quirky” —NY Times
• 4½ out of 5 Mice: “The animated effects throughout the app are truly impressive...” —Macworld
• “The result—something like a Seurat painting rendered with Microsoft Paint’s circle tool—is unique in the app world.” —Wired App Guide
• “Percolator…is a unique, well-done modernist app with a fun retro wink.” —Life In LoFi


iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 13 and up.


• Follow @Tinrocket on Instagram and Twitter for the latest!
• We’re here to help: If you have a question or need assistance, you can always email us at
• If you like Percolator, please consider leaving an App Store review or rating—we’d really appreciate it! Every review counts and helps indie developers like ourselves. :)

Happy Percolating!

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Completely transform your original photos
Trigraphy Photo Art Editor

Trigraphy Photo Art Editor


Trigraphy helps you turn everyday pictures into extraordinary works of art with limitless customization, artistic filters, incredible presets, fine tuning and high resolution exports.

Whether you want to create custom art prints for your house, improve your ordinary photos or hone your skills as a digital artist, Trigraphy provides a suite of powerful picture editing tools to help you create stunning images on your iPhone or iPad.

• 116 unique artistic generative presets
• Image layers - supports ordinary jpg as well as png with transparency
• Import from Photos or Files
• Adjustment layers - color filters, color adjustments and material textures
• FX Overlay layers - specially curated gallery of abstract textures with predefined settings
• Mask - every layer supports masking
• Blending modes
• Contrast, hue, brightness and saturation
• Special DUOTONE color filters
• Undo/redo
• Projects - reedit old images
• Auto save
• Export transparent PNGs
• Featured artists feed

* You can test the app free for 3 days and decide if it's right for you
* Unsubscribe during the free trial to avoid charge

And more new features coming!

Allowed for premium users

Terms of use:
Privacy policy:

Have any questions? Contact us!
twitter: @trigraphy
instagram: @trigraphyapp

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Matter - 3D Effects

Matter - 3D Effects

Pixite Inc.

Add stunning 3D effects to your photos with real-time shadows and reflections. Export your creations as photos or video loops.

By the team that has brought you four separate apps featured by Apple, Matter is the newest addition to the Pixite Creative Suite for mobile photo editing.

Alter the reality of your photos by seamlessly adding unique 3D objects to them. Choose from 4 packs of models ranging from simple geometric shapes to complex, architectural structures. Once you’ve chosen your object, select from a range of visual styles to make it reflective or refractive, opaque or translucent. Output high resolution images and even videos.

Make your edits even more realistic by adding and adjusting the model’s shadow. Fine-tune the shadow's position, opacity, and strength. Use the built-in masking tools to erase portions of your model or shadow to seamlessly blend it into your photo's environment.

Use the unique video export feature to create short animated loops of the object spinning, pulsing, and hovering in your photo. Adjust the rotation speed and direction for a different effect every time.

Discover, experiment, and create fantastic edits using the free background images in the "Free for All" photo browser. Free for Alls are community photos that you can freely edit and share. They are contributed by amazing artists that support the mobile photo editing community. If you’re going to share, just tag your edits with the artist's Instagram username and hashtag.

Share your Matter edits on Instagram using #matterapp for a chance to be featured.


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Insta Cartoon - Pic Editor
Insta Cartoon - Pic Editor

Insta Cartoon - Pic Editor

out thinking limited

Insta Cartoon is the most modern tool to convert photos and complex pictures into cartoon pics. Behind the scenes there is a powerful and complex renderer that offers you great control over colors.
▪You can add multiple cartoon effects on one image.
▪It allows you control brightness, contrast.
▪You can also adjust the effect as per your requirement.
▪You can share your master piece with your beloved one by social networks.

So download it and give a cartoon look to your photo !!!!!!!!

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Cartoon Live Camera - Sketch
Cartoon Live Camera - Sketch

Cartoon Live Camera - Sketch

out thinking limited

Cartoon Camera is an amazing photo app that makes your world become a live cartoon.

* Capture images with a real-time preview of the effects.
* Convert existing photos from your albums
* Save your creations and share them with friends through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

How To Use
* Capture image or pick from gallery by default cartoon effect or by applying new effects.
*Apply effects to the new existed image.
* After applying effects you can share the image to your friends/relatives through email, facebook, twitter and instagram.
* You can also save image to your gallery.

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Photo Sketch Pro+
Photo Sketch Pro+

Photo Sketch Pro+

Tue Nguyen Minh

50% OFF: $3.99 --> $1.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME!

QuickSketch lets you create beautiful pencil and ink sketches from your photos. You can view the effects live on your camera and take photos from the app as well.
The results can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

- Ink and Pencil effects
- Live preview on camera
- Adjust the effects for best results
- Take photos from inside the app
- Share photos on social networks

Tips to get best results:
- Preview the effects using the front camera
- Aim the camera at different angles of your face
- Experiment under different lighting conditions

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Photo Studio – Add Art Filters
Photo Studio – Add Art Filters

Photo Studio – Add Art Filters

Tramboliko Games

"Turn your photos and videos into artworks. Use our photo and video editor to create modern oil paintings! Cartoon or Poster yourself! Express yourself in an artistic way.
Would you like transform your photos and videos into something extraordinary? Art Filters - Photo and video editor with effects let you transform your photos and videos into artworks. Apply cartoon, oil painting, watercolor, and pop art effects or sketch, pen and ink filters with just one click. From black and white to sepia to full color, choose the perfect color effects and filters to turn your photos to sketches, stencils, and more. Use our photo and video editor to create modern oil paintings! Cartoon or Poster yourself! Express yourself in an artistic way.
A quick and easy way to create artistic photo and video montages with art filters and effects. Upload an image from your gallery or take a new photo. Choose a video from your gallery or record a new one. Select from oil painting, impressionist, Gouache, watercolor, and more art filter effects such as Sketch filter, Emboss Filter, Sobel Edge Filter, Light Effect, Smooth Toon Effect, Kuwahara Filter and Posterize Filter effect.
Save your artwork and share it with your friends!

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Art Serigraphy - Photo Editor
Art Serigraphy - Photo Editor

Art Serigraphy - Photo Editor


"Art Serigraphy" is photo / video editor app to create Serigraph / Screen Print Art Style Image from photographs and illustrations.

Serigraph / Screen Print is a kind of Art Print. Serigraphy / Screen Printing is technique often used in Modern / Contemporary art, because It is possible to make the Pop ,Modern and Contemporary Image. For example Artwork of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol is famous.

You will be able to create the Serigraph / Screen Print Style Art Image and Art Movie from photo / video stored on your smart phones or tablets by using photo editor app "Art Serigraphy".

In addition, you can create "Art Image" that is combining images of four sheets with different color.

If you purchase Add-on, you will be able to get closer to the style of painting of your choice by adjusting the density and color pattern. You will be able to create image / movie of various kinds for example Poster Art Style, Pop Art Style, Psychedelic Art Style and more.

Let's create a nice Artwork from your Photo, Video, Illustration and Camera.

■Main function of App
1. Create Serigraph / Screen Print Style Art Image / Art Movie by editing photo and save it.

2. Create "Art Image" that is combining images of four sheets with different color.

3.Create Mono Color Serigraphy Image / Movie by editing photo. *Add-on is required in order to save.

4.Create Bicolor Serigraphy Image / Movie by editing photo. *Add-on is required in order to save.

■How to Edit
1. Select image you want to edit from "Camera" Button. When you select Image or Video, Image or Movie processed will display.

2. You can edit the image / video quality by changing parameters.
*If you want to save Image that parameters is not "1", you need to purchase Add-on.

3. You can create Mono Color / Bicolor Image / Movie by "Mono Color / Bicolor" Button.
*If you want to save Mono Color / Bicolor Image, you need to purchase Add-on.

4. You can create Inverted Image / Movie by "Invert" Button.
*If you want to save Inverted Image, you need to purchase Add-on.

5. When you touch "Save" Button, current image / movie will be saved in "Photos(Camera Roll)".

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Pencil Sketch Photo Camera
Pencil Sketch Photo Camera

Pencil Sketch Photo Camera

云涌 段

Do you want to make your everyday pictures shine and funny?
Pencil Sketch is a easy to use and funny app that lets you convert your photos into sketches or cartoon avatars by applying up to 100+ different image effects. None of your pictures will look ordinary again.

Main Features:
+ Now featuring 50+ different sketch effects : pencil sketch, Memory Style sketch, Blue Art Style sketch, Old Movie Style, Skateboards sketch, Face Frame sketch, Smooth sketch
+ Now featuring 50+ different cartoon effects : 3D Gorden Sculpt, Black & White sketch, Color sketch, Sharpen Filter, Black & White Photo, Reverse Color, Memory Style Photo
+ Easy-to-Use interface.

The Pencil Sketch effect can be applied to any image. Best effects are obtained by using a picture with a big head.

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Cool photo effect
LightWeaver – Cool photo effects

LightWeaver – Cool photo effects

Paul Ollivier

LightWeaver is a revolutionary photo effect that bombards your images with particles, finding edges and contours with different degrees of freedom and expressiveness : a refreshing take on Generative Sketching!

*** Also try the OS X app for super fast image processing times! ***

LightWeaver is brought to you by the maker of Trimaginator, 500K Downloads, winner of the Platinum Award for "Best Entertainment App", Best Mobile App Awards - Summer 2015

· Perfect for portrait pictures or faces : LightWeaver makes it easy for everyone to get an awesome social media profile picture

· Artists will explore new realms of abstract compositions

· Professional Graphic designers can use the 32bit - no background - export to mix the particle layer in a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop

So what are you waiting for? Just play around and see what you can come up with!


· Tons of particle based effects

· Particle trail color and opacity selector

· Background overlay color and opacity selector

· Particle density selector

· Zoom and Pan image

· 32bit w/out background export

· Share with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and more


If you want LightWeaver regularly improved, please help its independent development by leaving a positive rating or review!


Join @lightweaver on Facebook and Instagram


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