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Best Apps To Put You In The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas season is one of the busiest holidays of the year. Stresses can run high when you are shopping, driving in snow, wrapping presents, baking treats, and visiting loved ones. Has this busy hustle and bustle left you feeling a bit like the Grinch? It's time to get into the Christmas spirit and put some pep back in your step with these jolly apps.

Be Ready for Santa

Make sure you know how much time is left before Christmas Day for shopping, wrapping, and preparing. These apps give you a festive way to count down until Santa’s arrival.

Christmas Countdown 2019

Christmas Countdown 2019

UAB Target Works

Christmas Countdown 2019

For those who want a Christmas countdown app with holiday music and quotes.

Christmas Countdown 2017 gives you the number of days until Christmas, a delightful holiday quote, ambient music, and snowfall effects for a nice package. For a simple way to view the countdown on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, get in the Christmas spirit with this neat app.

Why we love it

Christmas Countdown 2017 lets you see the number of days on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV until that wonderful holiday arrives.

Christmas Countdown 3D scene

Christmas Countdown 3D scene


For those who want a Christmas countdown app with an interactive 3D display.

Christmas Countdown 3D scene offers you snow, lights, and a Christmas tree to enjoy counting down the days. You can listen to the music, activate a firework, and use the interactive features to create a hologram effect.

Why we love it

With the Christmas Countdown 3D scene app, you can create a firework display, hologram, and more to do with your holiday countdown.

Play a Fun Game

Games are a great way to enjoy some holiday cheer. With Christmas characters, wintery themes, and gifts galore, play a fun game when you have time for a break.

Get into the Holiday Mood

Start your Christmas shopping list and decorate your device as well as your space. These apps are terrific for putting you in the holiday mood.

Christmas List

Christmas List

Better Day Wireless, Inc.

Christmas List

For those who want an app for managing their Christmas gift list.

Christmas List gives you a nice and easy way to manage your gifts during the holiday season. The app features unlimited entries, multiple gifts per person, a budget, notes, password protection, and tracking for presents bought, wrapped, and mailed. There is even more to explore with the Christmas List app and you can reuse it every year.

Why we love it

Christmas List is a convenient and simple way to keep track your holiday gift-giving.

Christmas Texting & Ringtones

Christmas Texting & Ringtones

Christmas Texting & Ringtones

For those who want an app for Christmas ringtones and text message backgrounds.

Christmas Texting & Ringtones will put you in the holiday spirit and your friends and family too. Download Christmas ringtones for free, create messages with holiday backgrounds and emojis, and share your festive mood on social media. The app supports multiple languages and is easy to use.

Why we love it

For a great free app with message backgrounds, ringtones, and simple sharing, check out Christmas Texting & Ringtones.

Enjoy a Jolly Jingle

There is no better way to liven up your spirits during the holidays than with music. These music apps will have you singing along to your favorite Christmas song.



XME Inc.

Excited??? We certainly are! Our favorite holiday is coming so join in he excitement as we count the moments in style!
** Featured By Apple Several Times!
- - Enjoy beautiful Holiday music on your beautiful new device!
- - Keep the Christmas Spirit All Year Round With The Christmas App!
- - Plug in some speakers or headphones and the Christmas App will take you away.

* Features: Christmas Carols performed by REAL musicians and artist, Countdown-To-Christmas & a Sleep Timer so you can go to sleep listening to your favorite Christmas Music. All for One Low Price!!

* Tis The Season! So Break Away; Listen, Relax & Sing Along with the Christmas app.
-Have you ever just needed a break from your day? Well, this is an incredible way to wind down and relax.

- Enjoy a variety of many of your Favorite Christmas songs as you shop or relax. Enjoy these beautiful vocal and instrumental performances.

- Variety of Beautiful Soothing Christmas Music
- Beautiful Countdown to Christmas
- Sleep Timer
- Wake Up Alarm
- Background Audio
- Beautful Fading Imagery
- Rearrange Song in your desired order.

The AppStore Christmas App Has to be Heard and Experienced in person so...
* BUY NOW! and enjoy!

--Updates Are ALWAYS Free--

Check out XME's MUSIC HEALING too!
Video provided by

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Christmas Radio USA

Christmas Radio USA


Welcome to Christmas Radio USA
America's No.1 Christmas Radio Station.
As voted for by Santa's Elfs.

Seriously though... You will love it.
Fed up with Christmas Radio just delivering the same songs? Tired of it sounding like 1 Christmas compilation after another? Want all the Christmas music with the FUN of Christmas too?

Santa hosts the shows and is mildly amusing in-between the songs too. You'll here celebrities popping up too.

There is a chance for you to join in and hear yourself on air too with Santa's Little Helpers. The show runs for 1 hour 4 times a day. Check the schedule on the website or set the remind me feature for an alert.

You can write to Santa via the app and view the replies too. (please allow 24 hours)
On Dec 25th this will become 'Thank You Santa'

Start the snow with the Snow Explode button and switch the Fairy Lights on or off.

By downloading this app you accept Santa Radio’s Terms and Conditions,
See website for details
Verify your email, then they get an email with the Santa reply

Due to the high volume of messages , Santa requires you to verify your email to get a reply

You will LOVE Christmas Radio USA.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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Ringtone for Christmas & Noel
Ringtone for Christmas & Noel

Ringtone for Christmas & Noel

Luan Trung


▸ Phone ringtones, text tones, email alerts, alarm clock alerts, voicemail alerts, tweet tones and reminder alerts

▸ Offline

▸ Free

▸ No need internet

▸ Preview ringtone with incoming call screen

If you enjoy our app, we really need your help to support this app. Please take time to leave us a rating and review on our Appstore page. It will help us making this app better and let other gamers discover our app easier. In case you encounter an issue with this app, please give us a chance to fix it before you give it a 1 star rating. We promise we will fix the bugs ASAP.

If there is anything you want us to improve or add please let us know.
We would love to integrate any features you might have in mind

Thanks for using our app! Contact me at: [email protected]

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Santa's Christmas Radios
Santa's Christmas Radios

Santa's Christmas Radios


Santa's Christmas radio is proud to bring to you handpicked collection of live radio stations streaming all the Christmas music you want. Now you get to enjoy your Christmas carols from anywhere in the world. Christmas music anywhere where you have an internet connection .

Some of the popular Radios are:
- your christmas station
- Santa radio
- Christmas hits FM
- All Christmas hits radio
- Radio Xmas
- Christmas radio live
- Forever Christma radio
- Christmas wonderland radio
- 1000 Christmas
- North pole radio
- Christmas songs radio
- XmasMelody
- Holly FM
- Christmas Canada Radio
- Countdown 2 Christmas
- Christmas Carols Radio
- Happy Christmas Radio
- Radio Noël
- Santa Claus Radio
- Radio Natale
- Radio North pole

Great Christmas music and the happy holiday feeling all year round.

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CBN Christmas: Music Radio
CBN Christmas: Music Radio

CBN Christmas: Music Radio

The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc

Features Include:

• CBN Christmas radio: with all the best classic and current Christmas songs and carols. Music that the whole family can enjoy!
• Cross Country Christmas radio: featuring great Christmas music from country music artists!
• Login to access our “skip a song” feature and enjoy less ads!
• No subscription required for these Christmas radio stations

• Check back daily for a new Christian devotional throughout the advent season to help strengthen your faith
• Access Christmas bible verses to read with your family through

• You can find Christmas-themed videos and episodes of the 700 Club and CBN News, right inside this app
• Articles to help your family celebrate the Christmas season and tell the true story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus are also updated daily!

• Set an alarm to wake up with Christmas Radio music each morning!
• Multiple alarms that are recurring can be set within the app.
• Make sure your phone is off of silent mode to make sure the music is audible!

• Call CBN right from the app 24/7 to speak with one of our prayer counselors during the Holiday season
• Contact CBN for Feedback and to Suggest a Song you’d like to hear

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Read a Christmas Tale

With colorful characters and entertaining stories, check out a Christmas book. These will bring back fond memories for you and put a smile on your child’s face this holiday season.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

For those who want classic Christmas story with fun interactions and iMessage stickers.

With A Charlie Brown Christmas + iMessage Sticker Pack!, you can enjoy a class narrated tale, music from the original show, interactions that make objects pop and move, and a sticker pack for iMessage with over 30 cute stickers. You can also create your own Christmas tree with cool ornaments and decorations.

Why we love it

For a traditional story, cute stickers, and enjoyable interactions, enjoy the holidays with A Charlie Brown Christmas + iMessage Sticker Pack!.

Noisy Book

Bringing Books to Life

Noisy Book

Noisy Book

Designed for both younger and older readers, the app uses new CoreML and Natural Language Processing in iOS 13 to help work its magic. When reading a book, the iOS device will quickly process what is being said and automatically provide sounds effects. There are more than 600 to take advantage of. So, for example, when you read the word car, there is a short car horn beep. On the device screen, you can see the words being read and fun visuals effects as well. Overall, the experience really does add a new level of fun to any book. Parents and older children can read any book or even create a story of their own. When making a unique story, you can save it in the app to read later. In just a few clicks, the story can also be made into a PDF to be shared or printed. No matter what is read, the app also understands what is spoken and makes an educational quiz about the main parts of the story. All of the language processing is done on the device for safety and security. Along with English, the app supports Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese. Noisy Book is available to download now on the App Store. It’s designed for the iPhone and iPad. A $0.99 in-app purchase unlocks the ability to save more than one story.

Share Your Holiday Spirit

Share a snowman, send a Santa, or just message some merriment. These holiday sticker packs give you the tools to quickly spread Christmas cheer to your friends and family.