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Awesome New Apps for iPhone

Awesome New Apps for iPhone

Thousands of new apps and games are released each month. App Store users consider the following titles the best of the bunch.

Satisfying Games

Satisfying Games

Vadim Fonderkin

Satisfying and Smooth ball-rolling action!
Complete the levels of each puzzle by covering every corridor and corner with beautifully bright paint.
Bring the colors in and paint everything in seconds!

• Unique and fun puzzles levels
• Fun and relaxing to play
• To complete every level, paint all empty spaces.
• Swipe left, right, up and down and fill all the empty spots!
• Every level is 100% possible to solve.

Are you up for the puzzle?

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On a Mission to Love

On a Mission to Love

Deborah Staresinic

On a Mission to Love Rosary App is designed to help children and families form a daily habit of praying the rosary by starting with one-decade-a-day. With a simple tap of a button children are led through one decade of the rosary at a time.

With Jesus and Mary as their example children discover the key to authentic happiness is to live out their vocation to love by making a gift of themselves to others.


· Decade-a-day format requires less than five minutes.
· One-line reflections before each Hail Mary help active minds stay engaged.
· Beautiful artwork by Swiss artist Bradi Barth accompanying each mystery aids concentration.
· Professionally recorded audio of children leading the rosary is appealing and relatable to kids.
· Rooted in St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, the meditations help children discover their identity and purpose in life is LOVE.

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Solitaire Express Premium

Solitaire Express Premium

MavenHut Ltd.

Solitaire Express has:
* An innovative approach to Solitaire.
* A unique twist already enjoyed all over the world.
* A virtual journey fueled by Solitaire puzzles.
* An ever-growing world to travel through.
* Trains! Leaderboards! Magic!

One of the most eco-friendly trains out there, the Solitaire Express runs on playing cards. How does that work? Only Miss Crank knows, but she won't tell (business secret, apparently). What she will tell, however, is who can take the Solitaire Express forward:
* A strategist to identify the best moves and the most efficient order;
* A talented Solitaire player to put the puzzles to bed;
* A manager to upgrade the train as it runs;
* A traveler to enjoy the scenery as it flies by;
* One person with all these skills: you!

* Challenging free to play Solitaire game;
* Classic Solitaire with an interesting and exciting twist;
* Many rewards for your great achievements;
* Endless fun for All Ages;
* Facebook login to save your progress;
* And much more for you to discover!

* Coins for every puzzle;
* More Coins for every new train Station you reach;
* Magic every day;
* Hall of Fame status (when you go the distance).

How to play:
The aim of Solitaire Express is to organize all cards of each suit in ascending order (from Ace to King), in 4 dedicated foundation stacks. To unlock face-down cards in the 7 tableau stacks, send cards to the foundations or pile them in the tableau stacks in descending order and in alternating colors. Go through the deck to access more face-down cards - but be careful, this consumes Fuel. Each card sent to the foundation stacks helps the train go forward according to its speed. Reach the next Station before running out of Fuel.

Contact info:
Let us know about your journey by sending us postcards at [email protected] If you have technical matters to discuss or if you just wanna say "Hi!", take the shortcut and drop us a message through the “send us feedback” option in the game.

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Lettuce Grow

Lettuce Grow

Lettuce grow by TFP LLC

Introducing the Lettuce Grow app - the easiest way to access all the tools and knowledge you need to be a successful farmer.

Green Thumb Guidance
We'll provide knowledge, support, and tips to help make your growing journey fun and easy.

Know It and Grow It
Kale or arugula? Baby eggplant leaves or peppers? Plant ID to the rescue!

Healthy Plants & Plentiful Harvests
Get regular alerts so you always know when seedlings arrive and when it's time to check water, nutrients, and pH.

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Box Jump 3D

Box Jump 3D

Miha Debeljak

Pick the color of the next box to jump. Choose fast or color block will fall on the player and you will lose. Collect coins and use them to unlock unique characters in shop. To unlock animals you need to have enough coins and high score. Characters are made from colorful blocks and represent boxy voxel animals in Minecraft like style. Falling boxes are chasing you and you have to choose the color of the next box super fast while adrenaline rush will trigger increase heart rate and addictive game will become a very hard challenge. You will love game with combination of such intensive moments and relaxing sounds and colors.

This box jumping game is really fun! Try to beat it :)

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Curfuffles LLC

Play the fastest, funnest, truly unique word puzzle game!

Solve each level one letter at a time to come up with the correct 10 letter word. Use what you've uncovered so far to guess the rest of the word.

Take on over a dozen variations in the main game - from lightning to lighthouse! Fly through the solar system with it's own special flavor in Space Mode. Or try to collect over 75 unique birds, flowers, and sea creatures in Curfuffles mode! Discover the secrets of the game as you go, with infinite lives!


● CHOOSE YOUR MODE. Main (with many variable puzzle types as you progress), Space (for long term playability and rare rewards), Curfuffles (with massive collections of creatures)

● MULTI-STAGE LEVELS. Some levels require multiple words in a row to solve. Just stay ahead of your challenger!

● LEVEL UP your creatures all the way to Five. Bewilder your opponent with a rain of giant fish, birds and flowers!

● FIGHT BACK! Is your opponent sending strange distractions? Try interacting directly with them. Strange distractions call for strange measures!

● COMING SOON, MULTIPLAYER AND CO-OP. Compete with other players using local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. Time to use that Collection of Curfuffles on a friend!

● LOTS OF LEVELS. Play hundreds of levels and level types - where does it end? Several levels of difficulty to challenge you and to earn more points. Choose your own pace.

● LEADERBOARDS. Rack up points and coins by solving levels quickly and take a shot at topping one of the many leaderboards! Or prove your skill by solving a single level faster than the rest!

● FREE to download! --- Curfuffles is completely free to play. However, optional in-app purchases are available if you'd like some help, and most ads are removed whenever you own 100 Keys or more.

While the game instructions are in English, players can choose from over 40 different languages to play the actual puzzle game! Both Alphabetical and Qwerty-style keyboards are available.

This game may include:

- Direct links to the internet that only take players to the game's official web page
- Available and pre-formatted emails displaying your high scores that you can choose to send to your friends or not
- Available and pre-formatted emails containing a list of the most recent words you've played so you can choose to report questionable words in the game or not
- Advertising of products from third parties

This game may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. When the game is played for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content.

Please visit our website to email us with any difficulties you might have playing the game - rather than leaving them in reviews - and we'll try to address them as soon as we can.
Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy playing Curfuffles!

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Santorini Board Game
Santorini Board Game

Santorini Board Game


Santorini is a highly accessible pure strategy game where you build your way to victory!

How to play:
1) MOVE one of your Workers. You can move up a maximum of one level.
2) BUILD a block with your moved Worker. Build domes on the third level.
3) WIN if your Worker reaches the third level!

• Game altering variable player powers completely change how you play, bringing massive replayability.
• Beautifully rendered 3D play area
• Adventure through the land of Santorini in the single player Odyssey mode
• Play with a friend in pass-and-play or online game modes
• Already own the boardgame? Use the "Helper" to select gods to play in the physical board game, and log your matches
• Dare to challenge the insanely skilled "Godlike" AI level
• Watch tutorials on all the god powers!
• Fully orchestrated sound track

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Funny i Games

It’s a hot-dog-eat-hot-dog world out there.

The infamous sausage is back, and all that dying has made him just a tad power-hungry. Help him kill all the other sausages till he’s the last dog standing and the master of the arena!

Tap and hold to move your sausage.
Release to head-bang and push enemy sausages into obstacles like sharp tools, kitchen sinks, garden fire, or off the counter to their doom.

Don’t forget your hot-diggity-dog victory dance at the end of each level!

Funny i Games is a casual games brand that publishes fun and addictive games. Funny i Games partners with independent development studios across the globe to create engaging mobile content for audiences of all ages.

Let us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

The app is free to play but certain in-game items may require payment. The app includes:
- advertising for some third parties that redirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.
- social networks links to connect with others while playing.
- the option to accept push notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. updates).
- an age-gate to prevent access to some features to protect children (e.g. restrict behavioral advertising or information sharing).
Your privacy matters. The app may enable data collection for limited purposes (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyse and improve the app’s features and services). For more information refer to sections B and C of our Privacy Policy: Note that referred third parties are subject to their own policies. By downloading, updating or using the app you consent to this collection and use of device information and your data, and to our Terms of Use:

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Bumpin' Dungeon

Bumpin' Dungeon

Moby Pixel

Bumpin’ Dungeon is a Swipe-based Mini Puzzle Game with a retro inspired Chiptune Soundtrack & Aesthetic.

Join Hanny as she attempts to escape the Bumpin’ Dungeon while ka-powing the bogus baddies that stand in her way. Get to the exit in the least number of moves possible, but don’t run out or you’re toast! You are probably going to die… a lot. Stick with it! The solution is right in front of you, you super genius, you!

• 120 Retro Dungeon Puzzle Stages
• 10 All-New Chiptune Tracks
• 8 Diabolical Dingbats
• 1 Coming-of-Age Story
• Epic Loot
• Toaster Pastries

If you enjoy the game, please leave a review and I’ll give you a big bear hug next time I see you!

Thanks for playing!

Your Friend,
Nick Culbertson
Moby Pixel

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Citizen Road

Citizen Road

Goofy Gamer LLC

Go crazy destroying cities and terrorizing its frantic citizens. Collect coins by running over characters and pixelizing them, but be careful! The police, FBI and army are all nearby trying to stop you! How long will you last? Can you dodge your enemies long enough to reach the Golden Box containing the special citizen?

Want to collect citizens faster? Use your coins to add special citizens to your collection. Special citizens are worth more coins when you catch them. The more high worth citizens you collect, the easier it is to earn coins!

-Over 300 unlockable citizens!
-Over 20 unlockable monsters!
-Random generated environment for a unique experience on every run
-All monsters have different strengths. Find your favorite!
-Great visuals and sound

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

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Dinosaur Guard: Games for kids
Dinosaur Guard: Games for kids

Dinosaur Guard: Games for kids


Attention! The base gate has been broken, the dinosaur is running away! Come and drive the off-road vehicle to capture them!

How intense and exciting is the adventure in Jurassic world! When the car is felling off cliff on the volcanic island, pterosaur appears! Please hold on to the steering wheel and follow it over magma river! Driving in the jungle may be followed by mud into a thorn cave! Almost capture the dinosaur? Be careful!These predators would put you in crisis!

Finally, you reach the destination and ready to arrest. The dinosaur will come and turn your car upside down at any moment! So take aim at the dinosaur, shoot slime or stun it with smoke bombs. You can choose among fist car, slime car, tranquilliser car, smoke bomb car and drumstick car to capture the dinosaur!

This world is amazing and imaginative .Along the route, king flowers swallow the car, giant mushrooms flash blue light, gluttonous tyrannosaurus wants to eat dragon eggs……

The alarm sounds, the dinosaur is out, choose your favourite car and hit the road!

> Driving 10 original functional of off-road vehicles
> 4 Jurassic island scenes with different climates
> Immersive interactions with the dinosaurs in the scene
> Multiple roadblocks and route designs
> You can operate without the Internet.
> No third-party advertising.

About Yateland
Yateland develops apps for kids and families to enjoy. Our games inspire preschoolers across the globe to create, imagine, and adventure! As we make games for your children to enjoy, we are guided by our vision: "children love. Parents trust".

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