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Awesome New Apps for iPhone

Awesome New Apps for iPhone

Thousands of new apps and games are released each month. App Store users consider the following titles the best of the bunch.

Run Plus

Run Plus

iMicro Repairs LLC

More than just a mapping application, Run Plus is a fully featured app that will help you reach your goals in new and previously unexplored ways!

- Record run progress whether Run Plus is in the foreground or background (requires always location on for outdoor activities)

- Tags allow you to record your current speed during outdoor activities (Can you beat your prior tags?)

- Track your estimated calories burned using the METs system

- Create your stationary run by selecting your activities time and speeds (Have you tried compact mode?)

- Control local media via the built in media app

- Supports offline maps for those low data moments (Have any GB to spare?)

- Unlock trophies as your progress towards your goals

- Load previously completed activities and compete against your prior times (supports outdoor and stationary runs)

- Share your completed activities with friends and family (Can they beat your times?)

- View all of your previously completed activities (Don't forget to browse the trophy room)

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Dawn of the VR Wonderland
Dawn of the VR Wonderland

Dawn of the VR Wonderland

Chunming Gao

We will develop a series of Google Cardboard VR apps for users to enjoy fantastic 3D experiences in the Wonderland of Virtual Reality. For each app, there will be multiple episodes to extend the VR experience in users' favor.
This is Episode 1 of the Dawn of The VR Wonderland, where you fly on a space-bird, land on an aircraft carrier in a remote icy world, and watch the airshow of three other spaces-birds.
You can watch three videos playing on three space screens at the same time: 1) Learn some breakfast cooking; 2) Watch some horses dancing and a parade in the streets of Seattle in the beautiful summer evening; 3) Learn some computer science concepts and more.
You can play a shooting game to shoot at the pillars and they will grow ......
Watch out announcements for new versions of Dawn of the VR Wonderland or new VR apps at Enjoy!

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Liutauras Stravinskas

emojeris - action puzzle of emoji images.
Task is to put an emoji from side sections into any same kind emoji bubble.
These bubbles are floating up and down the screen,
some of them have special bonuses and
some have needles that pushes the bar and drops down new emoji into side section.
If any of the side sections gets overfilled you lose.
In the course of game number of possible emoji images and speed of bubbles increases.
Game can be played in classic or levels mode.

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Cut Crush : Asmr Slice

Cut Crush : Asmr Slice

Zivandar Aygunduz

Forget all the relaxing ASMR games, Cut Crush: ASMR Slice is the best.

Cut Crush: ASMR Slice is a simple game that is both relaxing and eye-catching. Feel the satisfaction!

You watched the ASMR videos and you are here. "Cut Crush: ASMR Slice" will satisfy you.


All you have to do is grab and slide the objects.
The Relaxing Hydraulic Press, Cutting Machine, Grinder will do the rest.
This is harder than you think.
You should try!


Let the food you come across go to the cutting machine!
Cut, chop, slice. Relax with awesome effect juice!
Be careful!
Don't let it come to your face :) Can you do that?


Throw the plastic and wood you come across in the grinder.This will make you feel in ASMR videos.
You hear the sound of breaking, broken pieces give you gold.
Enjoy more gold, more objects!


Hydraulic Press is waiting for metals.
Drag metals to Hydraulic Press and hear the crackle!
Is it easy? I do not think so :)
Be careful, don't drag it to the wrong place!
Finding the truth shouldn't be difficult for you!
Tired of the same games?
Fun awaits you with "Cut Crush: ASMR Slice", which is different and simple to play.
Feel the relief!
You saw this by watching ASMR videos.


Cut Crush: ASMR Slice offers great effects that will satisfy you.
You should feel this.
Fruit juice gushes from the fruit, Plastics crack and break.
Metals are being crushed. It relaxes you with great effects like ASMR.


You saw the ASMR sounds.
You can listen to these awesome ASMR sounds with Cut Crush: ASMR Slice! Cut Crush: ASMR Slice offers you great sounds.
Feel the Crack, Feel the Break, Listen to the Cut.
Are you curious about the sounds of gold you earned?
Download Now!


+10 METAL.
10 different metal objects are designed for your eye pleasure.
+10 FOOD.
Fruits and foods are all waiting for you with their most beautiful details.
Plastics will satisfy with its refraction effects and realism.
+10 WOOD.
The boards will comfort you.

Are you angry?
You have watched the relaxation videos, this will relax you.
Are you bored? Cut Crush: ASMR Slice is the best hyper-casual game and it will save you from boredom.
You sorry Cut it, smash it, crush it, be happy.
Are you energetic?
Cut Crush: The best way to release ASMR Slice energy.

Play before going to sleep!
Play wake up!
Play on the toilet!
Play while watching TV!
Play while working (Don't let the boss see :))
If you are looking for a game that you can always play without getting bored, Cut Crush: ASMR Slice is for you.

DOWNLOAD NOW! Cut Crush: ASMR Slice!

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