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Awesome New Apps for iPhone

Awesome New Apps for iPhone

Thousands of new apps and games are released each month. App Store users consider the following titles the best of the bunch.

RPG Poser

RPG Poser

Akihisa Sakai

RPG Poser is an application that allows users to apply animation and posing to RPG style 3D models.

## Features of this application
* A wide variety of character types
* Effect functions and Props
* Play and pause animation
* Pose at any timing you like.
* Export images of your favorite moments

## Intended use of this app.
* Use it as a material for cartoons and illustrations.
* RPG creators can use it as a reference for character design.
* For those who like RPG characters to export images of their favorite scenes as a hobby.

You can observe a wide variety of 3D characters from various angles with various animations.

I hope that creative people will use it as a reference for their creative work and character design.

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Pixel Craft 2: Anger of Goose

Pixel Craft 2: Anger of Goose

允斌 谢

This is a story about dreams. In the unassuming Orion arm of the Milky Way galaxy, a boy living on a blue planet dreams of traveling into space, fighting dragons and saving the world. However, at only 172cm tall, he is neither strong nor agile, and more importantly, the earth does not have such technology yet...
So, he put all these, with the way of the game, trying to let a friend with such a dream, a taste of the taste of the universe heroes.
As a straight man, the ability to tell stories only goes so far. In fact, this is a crazy flight shooting game, in the game to collect all kinds of aircraft, wingman, beat the big boss, and the world's superior superior.

* Rogue Like System: Collect Power Medals and upgrade fighters in game.
* Innovative wingman system. You can pick up eight wingmen from your vast Arsenal and fight for you at the same time. These wingmen have expertise in attack, defense, replenishment, ability bonuses, etc. The best team can be selected according to the combat objective.
*10 main characters, each with different attack modes and moves, bring completely different combat experience.
* Single finger + multi-dimensional operation. In addition to moving, shooting, and big moves, there are power and super power skills. All this, with a single finger, you can get the feel of arcade operation!
*3 big scenes, 10 big levels, 10 new boss battles, guarantee you can get different ups and downs.
* Endless levels and boss challenges (to be updated in the future), allowing you to compete against the world's best.
* Rich game props, add color to the game.
* More fun levels, planes and bosses and gameplay await you in the future!

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