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Score Big with the Best Sports Apps for iOS

Follow your favorite sports, teams, and games every day of the year with the best sports apps for your iPhone or iPad.

Check Out Breaking Stories

Sports include more than just scores. There are trades, free agent signings, injuries, coaching changes, suspensions, and much more off the field/court. These apps focus on the news and not just the scores.

SportsManias: Emojis & Fantasy

SportsManias: Emojis & Fantasy


SportsManias: Emojis & Fantasy

For fantasy players and diehards looking for more than just sports news.

SportsManias has animated sports emoji keyboard, real-time fantasy news customized to your team, and the most real-time, in-depth team feeds in sports. It also allows you to import your fantasy teams from ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, and CBS. Receive real-time updates customized to your fantasy rosters. Make smarter lineup decisions based on the most reliable news on each of your players from beat writers and fantasy football experts. If you don't play fantasy thats okay too, personalize SportsManias to your favorite teams with sports news and custom team streams covering.

Trade Rumors

Stay up to date on your favorite teams and sports.

Trade Rumors

For those who love to know the happenings of each major sports league.

Trade Rumors presents a scrolling column for each major sports league. You can customize the view to view from one to four leagues, or just highlight stories for your favorite team(s). The app is constantly updated with news with the entire calendar year filled with news from at least one of the sports.

Why we love it

There are many sports apps, but Trade Rumors distinguishes itself by gathering everything. Other outlets like to focus on their own sources. Trade Rumors reports news and rumors from local beat reporters to national outlets, and everything in between.

Read the News, Find the Score

You don't always have time to watch the whole game. Sometimes, you just want to check the score or read the news. These apps show the score with a lot more in-game information.

Yahoo Sports: Scores & News

Real-time Tracking

Yahoo Sports: Scores & News

For anyone who follows a lot of different sports

With the Yahoo Sports app, you can follow your favorite sports teams and league with ease. Set up alerts to always be in the know.

Why we love it

This is an easy sports app to use, one packed with a lot of great information.

ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

Keep up with your favorite teams, share scores with iMessage, and never miss a game.

ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

For those who like to get scores, news, and watch live sports.

For the best in sports, the ESPN app is the app to have. Scores, news, and live events are all at your fingertips. Stay up to date on your teams when you are out and about with Apple Watch support and share scores quickly right within iMessage. No matter what your favorite sport is or which team you prefer, ESPN has you covered.

Why we love it

If you love sports, then the ESPN app is a must-have. Stay up to date with professional and college sports, scores, news, and events.

theScore: Sports News & Scores

theScore: Sports News & Scores


For sports fans looking for real-time scores and customizable stats!

theScore gives you real-time scores, stats, news coverage, draft details, fantasy news and game-time alerts about every team in NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NCAA Football, NHL Hockey, English Premier League Soccer, La Liga Soccer, Champions League Soccer, World Cup and all major sports and competitions! It is also a complete fantasy sports tool. It is lightning fast, incredibly stats-rich and totally customizable. Build a custom feeds of your favorite teams, leagues, and players. Enable notifications and never miss a key play, major sports news story, injury update or game-time again!

Why we love it

Get real-time scores, news, and game alerts with TheScore. The app includes custom feeds for your favorites teams, leagues, and players. For complete coverage, get the details you want for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and more with TheScore.

Be a Scorekeeper

Scorekeeping apps help you to stay on top of the points. From baseball to basketball to hockey, track stats and scores with these handy apps.



nXtreme Ltd

see for more screenshots.

** includes 2017 amendments to no-ball scoring **

A lot of effort has been put into the development of this Application. I do scoring for a Cricket team and this saves me time in putting the scores up on the Web Site and sending it to all the players.

The application is very populate with Clubs, Schools and Individuals.

▶ Easy to use Cricket Scoring
▶ Generates HTML, PDF & CSV document - allowing it to be published to your website
▶ Data can be transferred to another Device (iPhone, iPad & ipod touch) via Bluetooth / WiFi / Email
▶ Play-Cricket (subject to availability in UK only) - download fixtures and upload result.
▶ Send live scores via Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp/Telegram

▶ Match Formats (Limited Over, Multi-Innings, Pairs and other Junior Cricket rules)
▶ Tournament Functionality
▶ Manage Cricket Seasons
▶ Players Management (Player details incl. Photo, Email)
▶ Team Management (Add/Remove Players)
▶ Match scores can be fully edited
▶ Email Score Sheet
▶ Data Transfer via Bluetooth / WiFi (Teams, Players & Score Sheets)
▶ Help Screens with Step by Step instructions
▶ Allows Scores to be Emailed
▶ Statistics
●●●● Manhattan / WORM
●●●● Wagon Wheel / Bowler's line and length
●●●● Full Match Statistics (Wagon, Worm....etc) in PDF (via email)
●●●● Over by Over Scores
●●●● Fall Of Wicket
●●●● Run Rate (Current & Target)
●●●● Partnership Scores
●●●● Full batting and bowling Score Card
●●●● Batsman and Bowler Stats across all matches.

iPad - works in iPhone/iPod Touch resolution.
We also have an iPad specific version, nxCricket-HD.

Should you encounter any issues with the app please email us with the details to [email protected]

iScore Football Scorekeeper

iScore Football Scorekeeper

Sports Illustrated Play LLC

iScore Football Scorekeeper revolutionizes scorekeeping. Track every pass, rush, fumble and interception like never before with the most intuitive football scorekeeping interface ever designed. Score youth football, high school games, college games, and even professional games just like the pros. Track over 150 statistics for Offense, Defense, and all Special Teams players.

Documentation available at:


• Revolutionary Visual Scorekeeping -- Select the type of play (Run, Pass, Kick, etc) and then simply drag the players to the correct spot on the field. Player actions can be easily modified by tapping the player.

• Quick Play -- handles a majority of situations that will occur on the field and helps minimize the number of taps required to complete a play

• Partial play entry -- not sure who was involved in a play? Just enter what you see and you can fill in the rest later.

• Game Photos -- Take photos during game from within the App and have them appear on the iScorecast - adds to the viewer experience. (Requires iPad 2 for a camera --- otherwise can select images from your photo library. Also requires internet connection. iScorecast will show last 3 images you have taken. Purchase of the optional Team Website will allow unlimited pictures per game both on the iScorecasts and on the Team Website itself)

• Complete Post Game / Post Play editing -- Edit anything about a play after the fact. Did not get it right the first time? With the visual scorekeeping interface, it is very easy to edit any details of the play at any time.

• Team Manager section -- Manage teams, team rosters and lineup at game time.

• Quick Roster -- Generate teams with any number of players.

• Quick Player Add on the Fly -- Start scoring with only partial rosters, and add the players as they do something worth scoring (saves a lot of time with large football rosters)

• iScorecast - Watch games live (requires Internet while scoring, no Video), or a replay of the game later. Great for parents, family, or friends that can't make it to the game but want to keep up with the action. (additional charges apply for iScorecast viewing)

• Built in TwitterCast -- Allow friends and family who are unable to attend the game keep up in real time by following you on Twitter

• Multilevel Undo/Redo -- The simple editing makes Undo/Redo almost unnecessary, but it is still included as a standard feature

• Data Sharing -- Transfer games / teams between devices to save time entering data or to share statistics with others on your team or in your league

• Export to MaxPreps -- For High School teams, you can export data from iScore to MaxPreps

Cumulative and game statistics are available and can be emailed in EXCEL, CSV, and HTML formats. Coaches will never again have to spend hours trying to extract data from paper records just to see how their players performed.


We respond very quickly to direct emails at [email protected] as well as to our forums at

Watch Live Sports

A lot has changed and we're no longer relegated to looking at the score change to follow our favorite teams. Now, we can watch the action live. Nearly every sport is covered with live streaming apps to actually watch the games.

Gear Up

Show your team spirit with a jersey, cap, or car flag. Whether you need a gift for the sports fanatic in your life or want to just browse for yourself, these apps give you the gear.

Fanatics NFL Shop

Show support for your favorite team with this one-stop NFL shop.

Fanatics NFL Shop

Fanatics NFL Shop

For those who like to shop for NFL team items.

Whether you want a football jersey, team cap, tailgate equipment, or a shirt for your pet, the Fanatics NFL Shop app has it all. Get yourself a team jacket, your little one a sweatshirt, and your dog a new collar, each with your favorite team logo. Show your support and shop with ease for all things NFL.

Why we love it

The Fanatics NFL Shop app offers an easy shopping experience with items for the whole family. Buy something for yourself or get a few gifts, either way you will always be ready for football season.

Fanatics: Gear for Sports Fans

Fanatics: Gear for Sports Fans

Fanatics, Inc.

Fanatics: Gear for Sports Fans

For those who want a sports shopping app with a large selection.

Fanatics offers tons of gear for tons of sports. Find apparel for your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL team. With over 250,000 products for over 700 teams, you can shop by category, filter your results, or pop a keyword into the search box. Earn in-app Fan Cash for purchases and personalize the app with the teams you love.

Why we love it

Fanatics makes finding that perfect item to show your team spirit simple.

Follow the Rules

Whether you are just learning to golf or debating with a pal about the size of a football field, these apps give you the rules.

NFHS Rules
NFHS Rules

NFHS Rules


How well do you know the NFHS rules for high school sports? Using the NFHS Rules app you will be able to find out! “NFHS Rules” allows official NFHS rule questions to be sent directly to your mobile device allowing you to challenge your rule knowledge and keep you aware of different situations for your chosen sports. For the sports that you subscribe to, it not only allows you access to the NFHS Rules but you can also gain the valuable knowledge found in the Case Books of your sports. “NFHS Rules” app contains all the information found in the printed copy, but adds the key advantages of not only portability but the digital format also allows quick and easy searches to be performed.

more info
Word Rugby Laws of Rugby
Word Rugby Laws of Rugby

Word Rugby Laws of Rugby


Updated with rule changes for 2018

The World Rugby Laws of the Game App is also available in Spanish and French.

Welcome to the World Rugby Laws of the Game App. With this App you can watch video examples to build your understanding of how the World Rugby Laws of the Game are applied on the field of play. With over 200 streaming videos, this Application includes information on Laws 1 -21 of the World Rugby Laws of the Game, as well as the Variations. Additionally, all referee signals are detailed in words, pictures and video.

This app is a must-have for all coaches, referees, players and Rugby enthusiasts.

The Application is maintained by and/or on behalf of the World Rugby as a service to users of the Application and use of the Application shall be subject to such guidelines, rules and the Terms and Conditions of Use applicable to such services that may be posted on the Application from time to time and/or otherwise notified by World Rugby from time to time.

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Football Soccer Trivia Quiz
Football Soccer Trivia Quiz

Football Soccer Trivia Quiz

Information Technology And Resource Development LLC

Soccer: Its the world's most popular game and this quiz game will help you test how much you really, really know about this game. How well do you know soccer? Are you familiar with the rules, important players, position, technicalities, strategies, conditions, concepts, key soccer facts etc?

Do you really know a lot about soccer? For real? If you want to prove your skills and find out how much you really know - then this is the best app for you! This app helps you test if you have a brain for soccer.

It will help you verify / test what you know about this loved sport. As a refresher app, you will be able to revise / check what you know abut this great game!

According to Wikipedia, "Association football, commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport. The game is played on a rectangular field with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to score by using any part of the body besides the arms and hands to get the football into the opposing goal."

This quiz is includes the special option of submitting your scores to our online leaderboard where you can see how well you rank with other players. This is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge to all!!!

The app contains hundreds of questions - both true/false questions and multiple choice. It's great app that you can use to test what you know or have have learned or also as a soccer facts refresher.

You can choose to answer 25 or 50 or 100 questions. The questions will be randomized so that each time you take the quiz (for example 25 questions) you will get a different set of questions. At the end of the quiz, you will be shown the total number you got correct and your percentage score.

• Offers the ideal test format.
• The unique quiz features traditional multiple choices – proven to be a great way to test knowledge.
• It’s an excellent and quick resource that helps you refresh your knowledge.
• No internet access required
• Excellent way to review what you know / have learned and test your self
• Shows your score at the end of each quiz
• Choose the number of questions you would like to take
• Questions randomized each time
• App is very intuitive an needs minimal input
• Intuitive and beautiful interface
• When you get a question wrong – you are immediately told the correct answer.
• Easy to use and efficient
• Great quick resource for novices and experts!

Try this unique soccer quiz and you’ll be glad you did! Download this app today.

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