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Fairy Tales

Boost Your Child’s Love of Reading with Book and Story Apps

Reading is fun for all ages. And, if your child has a mobile device or uses yours, why not expand their story-reading options with apps? This collection is ideal for improving their reading skills and encouraging their love of literature.

Short Stories of All Sorts

Sometimes tiny tales are the most enjoyable. These short story apps let your child enjoy reading in small doses.

Aesop's Fables, short stories for kids, read to your toddler as bedtime lullaby

Aesop's Fables, short stories for kids, read to your toddler as bedtime lullaby


Aesop's Fables, short stories for kids, read to your toddler as bedtime lullaby

For those who want a children’s short story and fable app with a night time reading mode.

Aesop's Fables, Short Stories for Kids offers 150 classic fables and short stories for your children to read any time. The app lets you adjust the background for reading at night, the language for English, Spanish, or Hindi, and the font size as well. You can mark stories as read and save your favorites.

Why we love it

Aesop's Fables, Short Stories for Kids is a handy reading app for kids with a large selection of fables and short stories.

Fun Books Based on Movies

If your child has a favorite movie, then a book based on that story it is a great follow-up to encourage them to read.

HOME: Official Movie Interactive StoryBook
HOME: Official Movie Interactive StoryBook

HOME: Official Movie Interactive StoryBook

Ruckus Media Group

An unlikely friendship turns into a fun adventure.

HOME: Official Movie Interactive StoryBook encourages children with alphabetic, phonic, and word recognition with fun interactions. Follow the cute alien and his new friend Tip on their adventure.

Stories Kids Can Listen To

Audiobooks are not only for adults; these apps are just for kids. When your child is playing or preparing for bedtime, let them listen to an immersive story.

Audiobooks for Children

Audiobooks for Children

Canterbury Software Ltd

Audiobooks for Children

For those who want a children’s audiobook app with a large collection of stories.

With Audiobooks for Children, you can choose from over 500 free audiobooks and listen offline. Pick from titles like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “The Velveteen Rabbit.” You can browse books by title, author, or genre, choose from a variety of supported languages, and pick up where you left off at any time.

Why we love it

Audiobooks for Children has a large collection with over 500 audio stories for kids. Find a favorite or listen to something new with this easy-to-use audiobook app.





For those who want a children’s audiobook app with both visuals and audio.

For children ages 4 to 10, My WonderBooks offers 50 classic tales. From “Alice in Wonderland” to “Pinocchio” to “Treasure Island,” your little boy or girl will enjoy the stories they love or those they are experiencing for the first time. The app supports six languages, works in the background, and offers text highlighting.

Why we love it

For a nice collection of audiobook stories, My WonderBooks is a great app for kids to listen and read.

Great Graphic Novels and Comic Books

Books are about more than just words. The pictures help tell the stories in these awesome graphic novels and comic books for kids.

Sing-a-Long Stories and Poems

Nursery rhymes may not technically be books, but they do tell stories. These apps display the words so that your child can read as they sing along.

Nursery Rhymes Plus

Nursery Rhymes Plus

Jithin V Manomohan

Nursery Rhymes Plus

For those who want a nursery rhyme app with a big selection.

With 60 options to read and sing with, the Nursery Rhymes For Children app is cute and colorful. You can move through each nursery rhyme with a tap of the arrow or a simple swipe. You can also repeat the current one just as easily. The app has easy-to-read text for your new reader to sing along and the illustrations are the perfect touch.

Why we love it

For a good selection, cute illustrations, and simple controls, Nursery Rhymes For Children is a fun app for young readers.

Tales to Read to Your Little Ones

Maybe you have a baby or toddler who is not reading yet. Tell them the tale yourself with these stories for bedtime or any time.

Coco Goes To School

Coco Goes To School

La Jolie Vie, LLC

Today is a special day - Coco’s first day of school! Join Coco and her friends (Piggy, Rabbit and Panda) on their journey to school and meet their new teacher. A sweet and fun rhyming story for young children.

You can record your voice within the app, reading the entire story or just selected pages. Your child can then play the story and hear your voice - perfect for a busy parents or grandparents who sometimes miss bedtime story time. Or surprise your child by recording a special message on one or more pages.

You can also select a pre-recorded narrator to read the story, or simply follow the text on each page to read the story out loud. Let your child explore each page to find the hidden animations and sounds. Then let them enjoy a blackboard drawing game at the end of the story, with different images, chalks and eraser.

This is book #2 in the Cocoville Books series.

Your StoryTime: Never miss story time for moms, dads and baby

Your StoryTime: Never miss story time for moms, dads and baby

Appy Ventures

With Your StoryTime, always be there to read the story to your loved ones. Featured in the Daily Telegraph, the Sun, 148 apps, iPhone mom, etc.

Record from anywhere in the world through our technology. Research shows that something as simple as reading to your children is key to their development and behaviour.

1. Record directly on the iPad so when points of interest on the screen are touched, it's your voice that describes it.

2. If you can't record before leaving, or want to tell a new version of the story each day, no problems: record your voice and video when you have time on your iPhone and it syncs up to the iPad!

3. Record videos of yourself to play at the start and end of the story to tell them how much you love them or wish them a good nights sleep.

Reading a story to your baby is one of the most effective ways to bond with your child and Your StoryTime can ensure you are always there for them.

Ideal for:

- Parents away from home for any period
- Grand parents wanting to be more involved
- Parents bringing up children bilingual

A completely new concept for storytime, never miss it again!


Fairy Tales Book

Fairy Tales Book


FairyTalesBook proudly presents the 20 most favorite fairy tales for children with original storylines. Our stories for kids combine classic fun with multilingual audio and beautiful illustrations. Record your own voice and read fairy tales to your children even when you are not with them, or have fun exploring the many pre-recorded funny voices of our bedtime stories together with your kids. Our tales for children do not contain violence or scenes that may scare your kids.

FairyTalesBook presents these favorite stories for kids:

Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White
The Ugly Duckling
The Princess and the Pea
Sleeping Beauty
Frog Prince
Three Little Pigs
Masha and the Bear
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Jack and the Beanstalk
Puss in Boots
Hansel and Gretel
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
Valiant Tailor

What you’ll get:

* Record your own voice and become a storyteller to your children

Your children love bedtime stories and fairy tales even more when you read? Record your own voice and become a storyteller. The narration in our books for kids is beautiful, soothing and mellow but if your children prefer your voice, we have a solution.

* Our educational bonus scenes teach your kids important life lessons and morals

Educational bonus scenes within each fairy tale teach your kids important life lessons. Your young ones identify with characters from story books for kids. They’ll adopt good habits and values much more easily if their favorite characters are behaving the same way. Our audio books for kids make adopting moral values easy.

* Have a great time with funny voices

The Ugly Duckling can talk like a robot and Snow White speaks in a chipmunk’s voice? Wow! Kids will love this, and they’ll want to hear the tales for kids with audio over and over again! These audio fairy tales don’t get boring: switch the main narration of our tales for children to many different funny voices and have a great time.

* Learn new languages

Little Red Riding Hood or Caperucita Roja? Snow White or Schneewittchen? Our storybooks for children are available in English, Spanish and German. This is an excellent opportunity for your children to learn a new language by reading and listening to their favorite fairy tales. ¿Comprende?

* No annoying ads in the app

Don't you hate it when an annoying ad interrupts precious time with your child? We do too! That's why we kicked ads out of our stories for kids. Your child won’t be able to click on ads and navigate away from the fairy tale or make unwanted purchases.

* Your children will enjoy bright, colorful and cheerful images

Do you remember beautiful illustrations from your childhood? Of course you do — they stick with us forever. Your kids are bound to remember the bright, colorful and cheerful images in our children’s books with pictures, and cherish the memory of reading them together with you.

* The app is easy to use, even for kids

This app is so easy to use that they’ll learn how to play, read or listen to their favorite fairy tales by themselves in no time.

* Play fairy tales to your children automatically when you’re busy

Of course your kids want to listen to audio books for kids on long, boring drives! You might not have your hands free, but you can still play a kids’ story book. Our fairy tales have an auto-play feature that allows you to play stories for kids with audio to your children even if you’re busy. Auto-play comes to the rescue when you are cleaning the house or writing business reports, but your children demand their bedtime stories right away.

* Once you download a storybook for kids, the app works offline – no internet connection required

* This app gives the best results when parents read these beautiful fairy tales along with their children — or make your kid feel all grown-up by having them read our books for kids to you!