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daily horoscope

Daily Horoscope Apps That Show You What’s in Store for Your Sign

What does tomorrow hold for you? Check out your daily horoscope and find out what is predicted in the stars.

Get Your Horoscope

Mood, love, money, and career; see what to expect today, tomorrow, or even down the road. Just choose your sign and learn what’s to come.

The DailyHoroscope

Learn about your sign, get your predictions, and check your relationship compatibility.

The DailyHoroscope

The DailyHoroscope

For those who like customizable horoscope apps with extra features.

The DailyHoroscope has a nice set of features for getting your predictions. You can view your horoscope for today and tomorrow, plus look back at yesterday. Pop in your sign with your partner’s to see your compatibility details. Learn more about your sign with the Zodiac characteristics section. Then, review the Chinese yearly and Druid horoscope, all in one customizable app.

Why we love it

The DailyHoroscope is an enjoyable app with extra features. Get your predictions, check your relationship compatibility, view the Chinese and Druid horoscopes, and learn more about your sign.

Easy Zodiac Star Signs Daily +

What does the future hold for you? Find out with this intuitive horoscope app.

Easy Zodiac Star Signs Daily +

Easy Zodiac Star Signs Daily +

For those who like horoscope apps that provide predictions in various categories.

Zodiac Star Signs - Free Horoscope & Astrology offers a variety of predictions for career, love, health, and money each day. You can view the current or next year, check compatibility of other signs, save and share predictions, and get more insight into your sign. The app is super easy to use and provides an attractive interface.

Why we love it

Zodiac Star Signs - Free Horoscope & Astrology gives you predictions for all facets of your life. Don’t wonder what tomorrow will bring, check your horoscope.

Check the Chinese Horoscope

Find out your Chinese Zodiac sign, read descriptions and characteristics, and see the predictions for your day.



Gary Saggu

"Reached Top 100 apps in 'Entertainment' category in over 12 countries" as of January 28, 2014. (Source: AppAnnie)

Celebrate Chinese New Year and learn Chinese astrology with the beautiful graphics and intuitive use of this well designed app!

Key Features:
- Supports unlimited profiles for friends and family for individualized readings
- Easy indexing on alphabetical order
- Quick glance provides a peek into the Chinese Zodiac signs for each profile
- 4 readings per profile: 1) Chinese zodiac animal sign, 2) Chinese element sign 3) Chinese Ascendant and 4) Element animal reading
- plus extras like Chinese name plus phonetic pronunciation, most favorable planet, color, taste and direction and whether your sign is yin or yang.
- NEW feature; browse all dates in the past and future to see which date features which Zodiac Sign and Element.

Which of the intriguing 12 Zodiac Animal Signs apply to you and what secret characteristics lie hidden? Discover which of the challenging 5 Elements influence your personality and finally read your personalized Chinese Zodiac horoscope!

Enjoy and learn about the beautiful ways of Chinese Astrology, have fun finding out about your inner self and be fascinated about the hidden personalities of your friends and family.

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八字排盘-Chinese Daily Horoscope
八字排盘-Chinese Daily Horoscope

八字排盘-Chinese Daily Horoscope

liu xingdong

The best character telling application! The latest 2018 horoscope analysis! Character row disk is the Chinese people's traditional culture crystallization, through several thousand years and settle down national essence, has a unique magical future prediction function. Character row disk to provide accurate fortune-telling, proficient in the future for you, let your future for the next fully prepared.

[Character row disk]
Through a combination of birthdates out your innate life Bureau, a detailed explanation of the chart, with the yin and yang, accurate analysis of your future development trends, so you take on the Grand Canal, to enhance career, love, wealth and other fortune.

The latest 2018 horoscope analysis, predictive analysis in advance of your fortune, fortune abreast of the latest trends, prepare for the future in advance, so that you are always one step faster, accurately grasp the opportunity to create your future.

Master of his own fortune, but if even their own numerology fortune do not know, how can you change the destiny?

【The main function】
1.the character telling: Spirituality domestic famous teacher personally guidance, free look discharge tray, I Ching divination estimates, provide information for your professional numerology;
2.fortune analysis: Chronology of the Grand Canal, fleeting fortune fortune to analyze your life and downs, fleeting fortune. Ten God, Detailed Palace life lets you know a priori fortune, the fate of the spindle, transiting source.
3. Marriage Pairing: Look peach, given marriage, help you find around the TA; master analysis: personality, career, horoscope unique comprehensive, accurate prediction of wealth and rank of your life, allowing you to better understand yourself., health: to provide professional health points, adjust your diet and daily life, help you stay healthy.

[Application Features]
〖Simple〗 Simple to use well-known domestic Spirituality teacher personally guidance, to create the most simple and easy to use disk Jiepan character set numerology applications.
〖Professionals〗 Free watch free professional analysis row plate, providing Lunar character, ten of God, the five elements,the Grand Canal in numerology and other professional information.
〖Fortune〗 Grand Canal chronology, such as a comprehensive analysis of fleeting fortune fortune ups and downs of your life, so you fleeting fortune.
〖Detailed〗 Detailed Palace life let you know fleeting fortune, fortune known a priori, the spindle of fate, lucky source.
〖Comprehensive〗 comprehensive analysis of career, marriage, wealth, health and other unique explain fully, accurately predict analyze your life fortune.
〖Lucky〗 Open transport operation provide various open operating transport method aspects, avoid evil transit anywhere, easily survive.

【contact us】
We always give top priority to the user's mind and body
Stay in the following ways to contact us and let us work together to build a professional numerology application

Official micro letter: lingjimiaosuan
Official website:

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Chinese Horoscopes
Chinese Horoscopes

Chinese Horoscopes

Daily Chinese zodiac horoscopes on your device. Find out what astrology has in store for you today. Available for all 12 chinese zodiac signs:

- Rat
- Ox
- Tiger
- Rabbit
- Dragon
- Snake
- Horse
- Ram
- Monkey
- Rooster
- Dog
- Pig

With this application you can also view daily power numbers, celebrities born today and predictions for: wellness, intellect, love, emotions, intuition, creativity, work and money.

Please note that with all Horoscope Extra subscriptions:

* Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
* Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current one/six/twelve month periods.
* Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. See our Terms of Use Agreement below for our cancellation policy.

Horoscope Extra Subscription pricing:
1 month - US $1.99
6 months - US $5.99
1 year - US $9.99

Have questions? Browse more resources:

* Visit our help section:

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Please email bugs & feature requests to: [email protected]

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Chinese Zodiac Luck & Love
Chinese Zodiac Luck & Love

Chinese Zodiac Luck & Love

China International Travel Service Guilin Co., Ltd.

Are you ready to know your luck in the future? Are you curious about the compatibility with your partner? You can use Zodiac Luck & Love app to:
- predict future development in any case.
- find out what relationship you may have with 12 zodiacs.
- check what “animal” you are and which element of zodiac you belong to.
- read zodiac stories, including zodiac legend, zodiac hours, and zodiac year (ben ming nian).

The Chinese animal zodiac is a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year being represented by an animal and its reputed attributes. Chinese people believe everyone belongs to a zodiac attribute. One can find many similarities with his zodiac sign. Traditionally these zodiac animals were used to date the years. But now most people are using zodiac for luck prediction and love match.
In order to better introduce Chinese traditional zodiac culture to westerners, we China Highlights are dedicated to create a platform for Chinese culture lovers to be obsessed with. We enjoy the progress of making China’s beautiful mythology fully display to the world.

The result of test is for your reference and entertainment only.

Do not hesitate to get Zodiac Luck & Love app on your phone. Find your luck and meet your love now!

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Your Sign on Your Wrist

Check your horoscope on the go with these apps that offer support for your Apple Watch.

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Created specifically for the ladies, these horoscope apps show you what to expect for romance, energy, health, shopping habits, and more.