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Fun Games That Are Exclusive To iMessage
iMessage Gaming

Fun Games That Are Exclusive To iMessage

You won't find these apps in the App Store. Nope, these apps have been carefully crafted to the iMessage experience. So skip the regular App Store and get these instead.

FishAway - Fish Watch Game
FishAway - Fish Watch Game

FishAway - Fish Watch Game

Aleksandr Zavalnijs

Would you like a fun and small fish game on your smartwatch, which will give you great delight? - If so, then download and install the FishAway Watch Fish Game.

It's a really simple, easy, and fun game that you can play whenever you want, wherever you want. Like a small apple watch puzzle run away game.

We have developed FishAway Watch Game specifically for your watch. A delightful and fairly exciting game to play on your watch. The only instruction is to tap and rotate the fish to avoid colliding with the underwater enemies in little aquarium. As the fish moves, you'll get hearts to collect which will increase the fish's life and you'd also get to use bombs to blow up the enemies that want to kill the fish.

If you are looking for a simple and fun time-passing game on your watch to spend some refreshing good times while waiting for someone or something, or when you are in between tasks - this simple and small fish game can be a perfect choice for you.


>> Simple and easy time pass:
This fish run game will allow you to have a great time pass in a simple and fun way. It's a simple one tap arcade game, and there's no complicated controlling system or storyline to follow that will require you to be overly aware, there's just plain fun and delight. Even little kids can have a good time with it.

>> Low-cost:
This small fish game comes at a very reasonable price. You'll have unlimited access to this fun game for just about 2 bucks.

>> Offline:
You don't need to have an active internet connection to enjoy this delightful aqua game. The FishAway game is totally offline.

>> Fast and lightweight:
This game takes up only about 3 MB space. There's no chance to slow down whichever compatible device you use to play this game.

We hope you enjoy this game to the fullest. Happy gaming in a little aquarium.

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Souleymane Traore

QuikMaths is an exclusive iMessage game that allows you to play timed, simple math rounds with your friends!

Each person has 30 seconds to complete the most problems they can. If you can solve 10 in a row, you gain 10 more seconds to best your opponent!

Earn XP and level up with each round, as well as keep track of your progress on your profile!

You can also set the speed difficulty level, as well as how many rounds you would like to go.

Download and start playing today!

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Let’s Puck It!
Let’s Puck It!

Let’s Puck It!

Little Labs, Inc.

Note: This game is played exclusively within iMessage.

“Let’s Puck It” is a turn-based game of air hockey with high stakes involved. Choose from a list of bets (e.g. loser has to buy dinner, do winner’s laundry, etc) or enter your own custom stakes. Anything you can think of!

It gets harder than you’d expect, because the speed increases on each volley! It's addictively simple and a great way to settle disagreements.

Get it today and challenge your friends to Puck It!

Please note that iMessage apps are ONLY compatible with devices on iOS 10.0 or above.

Quick tips on installing and using iMessage apps:
• Open your iMessage app
• Enter one of your conversations or start a new one
• Tap the App Store icon alongside the compose field to see your most recently used iMessage app. Swipe the screen to the left to see more of your iMessage apps
• To continue browsing, tap the icon on the lower left corner which brings up the app drawer. From there, tap the plus icon to access the App Store for iMessage, where you can browse and download more apps. Here, you can also go to Manage where you can add your apps to your app drawer.

If you wish to uninstall the app:
• Open one of your conversations in iMessage
• Tap little app store icon to the left of your message input
• Tap on the 4 dots that appear on the bottom left of the screen
• Tap on store
• Tap on Manage
• You’ll see all of the imessage apps and you can deactivate ones you don’t use

Support: [email protected]
Join our beta program:
About us:

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Wrist Arcade
Wrist Arcade

Wrist Arcade

Vineet Patil

A portable gaming experience on your wrist. Wrist Arcade is a collection of 8 stunning games spanning various genres. Included in the app are the following:

Space Wave:
Defend Earth against an aggressive alien species

Ocean Escape:
Dodge incoming fish by swimming in this fast-paced side scroller

Bounce Wars:
Defeat your opponent with a combination of ping-pong and power-ups!

Color Capture:
Rotate your crown to capture the incoming debris

Sharpen your mental math in this fast paced puzzle game

Modernized game of ping-pong with unique visuals

Color Puzzle:
Test your quickness in recognizing colors and words

Space Dash:
Dodge incoming space debris and collect stars in your speedy space ship

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Mindkeeper : The Lurking Fear
Mindkeeper : The Lurking Fear

Mindkeeper : The Lurking Fear

Abylight S.L.

Put yourself in the shoes of investigator H. Joyce as you explore a mansion deep in the Swamp of Storms and reveal the secret of the lurking fear.

Mindkeeper: The lurking fear is an atmospheric video game of puzzles and mysteries inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

In Mindkeeper you will be able to discover worship, legends and lost realities of multi-tentacular beings that only exist in the abyss of the human mind. Features:

● High quality graphics with real-time lights and shadows.

● Surrounding sound atmosphere.

● Challenging puzzles and thrilling action.

● Simple an intuitive control.

● Haptic vibration.

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Chaos Watch
Chaos Watch

Chaos Watch

Jean-Louis LESIEUR

Easy to use, this app will bring you a virtual Chaos Bag on your Apple Watch to be your companion in your fight against the Great Old Ones in Arkham Horror LGC.

Try it, it's free !

Main features :
- Using the "gear" button you will be able to configure the content of chaos bag, or choose a build preset (Easy, Standard, Hard, Expert).
- Using the "plus" button, you authorize the draw of multiple tokens.
-This app support the mechanisms of "Bless" and "Curse" tokens from the Insmouth Conspiracy campaign.

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Hypno Hexagon

Hypno Hexagon

Marko Radakovic

Hypno Hexagon is a fast paced workout game for your Series 5 Apple Watch, that can also be played on iOS devices, and even in the iOS Widget.
* Control the game entirely with your body movements!
* Spin, twist, and turn your body to navigate the endless hexagonal maze.
* Play sessions are recorded as Fitness Gaming workouts that can be reviewed in the Health app on your iOS devices.
* Monitor your burned calories and heart rate while you play.
* Don't have Series 5 Watch, or want more traditional controls? No problem - Standard Game mode offers digital crown control, and works on older Apple Watch models.
* iOS game can be played by spinning your device, or tapping the screen.
* Perfectly smooth 60fps, fast paced action, that will leave you sweating.
* Daily Leaderboard - compete with other players around the world for the top score every day.

The game does not send your workout or health data anywhere. This data stays on your devices, and can be reviewed in the Health app.

Hypno Hexagon is based on Terry Cavanagh's amazing Super Hexagon. The game is made with Terry's approval.
Featuring Music by Matthew Klingensmith:

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Zamboni® Watch
Zamboni® Watch

Zamboni® Watch

Magnin & Associates

Displays an overhead view of the Zamboni® ice resurfacer cleaning the ice on your Apple Watch whenever you start the app.

If you press “Repeat Next Hour”, it will send a timed notification (at the top of the next hour) reminding you to clean the ice.

Originally an option of our best selling Zamboni Challenge iPhone game. Now a stand-alone Apple Watch app!

ZAMBONI has been registered by Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc. as a trademark around the world. Used by license.

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Ahmed Mustafa

Have you wondered what pictures are in your friends’ camera rolls? Play camROLLETTE and see what they have on their phones!

The rules are simple: Every turn you get dealt a blurred-out random photo from your photo library. One you are given your photo, you can choose to send it or not send it. If you send it, then it becomes the other person’s turn. If you choose not to send it, then you lose. The person who chooses to not send their photo loses.

Are you brave enough to take the risk, or will you back out and lose? Play camROLLETTE, to find out!

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Spaceholes - Arcade Watch Game

Spaceholes - Arcade Watch Game


In the future interstellar wormholes are used to travel between galaxies, they are commonly know as Spaceholes.

"Listen up we've just got a sweet new gig, Seems those pesky alien bugs have got into the Spaceholes again. They're blocking the way of some luxury space cruisers. All those poor rich people trying to get to a pleasure planet. Boo hoo.

Well its good news for us. Gas up your ship and go squash some bugs!"

Spaceholes! is a mashup of various space shooters. It has elements of Gyruss, Galaga, Tempest and Space Invaders.

3D Graphics
60 FPS option
Sound Effects pew pew
Background space music

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Quickies - Quick Games
Quickies - Quick Games

Quickies - Quick Games

Ryan Gant

Have some time to burn? Play a Quickie!

Quickies are quick games you can play with your friends right from the messages app! Simply open the app, choose a game and play.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe, settle an argument with Rock-Paper-Scissors, or leave it up to chance with Coin Toss. More games will be added in future releases, so let us know what you want to play!

Now including Game Pack 1:
Challenge your friends to a game of Four in a Row or battle for aquatic dominance with Battle Boats!

Have feedback or a suggestion for a game? Tell us at:
[email protected]

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Another Place Productions Ltd

Looking for an addictive iMessage game to play with your friends? Then welcome to 'SpelliCats', the magical new Word Game from the creators of the Editors Choice winning 'BattleHand'! Use your own unique pet to rearrange the enchanted letters to cast spells against your friends before the timer runs out!

* ​Super-quick and easy to pick up and play, directly in iMessage!​
* Play head-to​-head games against your friends anytime!
* Level up your Cat Collection to unlock special prizes!
* Use special booster spells to ​​​give your SpelliCat the edge!
* Collect ​fun SpelliCat Stickers and use them as your Avatar!
* Vote for your favourite celebrity SpelliCats​ in​ our special ​'​​Live ​Events​'​!​
* Share your results with friends on Facebook and Twitter!

​Having trouble finding the game after installing?​
​* Open an iMessage conversation with the friend you want to play with.
* Tap the App Store icon in the middle.
* Tap on the 4 ovals in the lower left bar.
* Swipe until you see the SpelliCats screen.
* Purrfect!

Have fun!​

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Memory Moves
Memory Moves

Memory Moves

Sydvesti Oy

Regular physical activity not only has a positive impact on your health, but it also positively affects your cognitive abilities such as memory. Memory Moves is a standalone app designed exclusively for Apple Watch that encourages daily activity while testing your memory.

•Track your activity and test your memory•
Memory Moves uses your daily Move ring data and transforms your activity into memory game turns. By being active, you will not only improve your memory, but test your memory and advance in the memory game.

•Collect over 60 unique icons and personalise your watch faces•
By completing levels you will get rewarded with images that you can use as complications to personalise your watch faces. Please note that Memory Moves complications can only be used in the following watch faces: Infograph, Infograph Modular, Meridian, California and Modular Compact

•For Apple Watch only•
Memory Moves is designed exclusively for Apple Watch and works as a standalone app on your Apple Watch

In order to work Memory Moves needs access to your Activity data in HealthKit. Your personal health data used by Memory Watch is only stored and used locally on your Apple Watch

If you have any questions we will happily help you:
[email protected]

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AirPolygon WT
AirPolygon WT

AirPolygon WT

kitamura hira

Air Polygon Watch is a 3D puzzle game. In this game, you need to complete the puzzle by finding the right spot where the polygons come together in place to form an object. You can play it by swiping the polygons until you see the resemblance of the possible result.

There is a strategies in forming the object that is by matching the color and hue of the object. With this method, it will be easier for you to fit the polygons together and figure out what the object is.

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PlayScreen, LLC

Dare your friends to build the longest word … one letter at a time!

WordDare is a simple, fast and challenging word game. WordDare is inspired by familiar word and card games.

Players are provided a set of community letter titles. Each also has their own private letters, unknown to their opponent. The player who starts the game picks a letter to begin the play.

Players must use their word knowledge to create the longest word by taking turns adding letters to the front or back of the placed letters, one at a time. The player who completes the longest possible word wins.

WordDare’s quick but challenging play is ideal for an iMessage session. Play a single round in less than a minute, or keep challenging each other’s word knowledge during your chat.


Please contact us with any suggestions or problems, email us at [email protected]

We value you as a customer. Do not hesitate to let us know about your experiences with our games. Thank you.

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