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Easily Access Your News in Bite Size Pieces With These Apps

If you love staying up to date with the news, but don't necessarily like to read long drawn-out articles, these apps are for you. Get ready for the best apps that will deliver you the news in the quickest ways possible.

Quartz Brief

Get news in a whole new way with Quartz where it feels more like a conversation.

Quartz Brief

Jump right in

For those who would like a friendly, unique way to view the news.

Quartz is truly a unique way to get your news. With fun GIFs and attractive photos, it really does feel like a text conversation with your friend. When it is time to get serious, you can read the full story with a simple tap. The customized notifications are great, the Apple Watch support is a definite plus, and overall it is just a light and pleasant way to check out the news each day.

Why we love it

Quartz makes consuming news a fun conversation. Instead of being tasked to read an entire story you get the headlines. Want more info and you'll get it. Want less info you can just move on to the next story.