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The best wallpaper apps

The Best Wallpaper Apps

From the ringtones we select to how we keep our apps organized, our devices can oftentimes be a reflection of our personalities. Another way we personalize our devices is through wallpapers and backgrounds. Whether you're a sports fan, an animal lover, a nature lover or have a funny bone, with this list of the best wallpaper apps, you're sure to find the perfect one to suit your personality.

Wallpaper Collections

These are the best apps that contain a wide range of wallpapers. Whether you're looking for cuddly kittens or fire breathing dragons, you should find them all here.

Live Wallpapers

Do you like to add a little motion to your background? Then check out these live wallpapers.

Nature Wallpapers

Do you love rushing waterfalls and sweeping landscapes? If so, then these apps will bring the beauty of nature to your device.

Animal Wallpapers

From puppies to lions, these apps will bring out the animal lover in us all.

Space Wallpapers

Space, the final frontier. These apps contain the most stunning wallpapers in the universe.

Funny Wallpapers

Add a little humor to your background! These apps have wallpapers that will tickle your funny bone.

Optical Illusions

These mind-bending wallpaper apps will leave you scratching your head.

Wallpaper with Quotes

Want to a bit of inspiration to your day? These wallpapers contain quotes that will have you feeling good.

Color Specific Wallpapers

Looking for a specific color for your wallpaper? These apps specialize in just one color.

Wallpapers for Every Holiday

No matter what the season, these apps will get you in the spirit for any holiday.

Sports Wallpapers

These wallpapers are for the sports lover in you.