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From Fins to Fur, Animal iMessage Stickers Are Fun to Send

From Fins to Fur, Animal iMessage Stickers Are Fun to Send

Cute cats, darling dogs, and other feathered or finned friends are always enjoyable to share in your messages.

All Your Animals

Whether you like wild animals that live on the land, feathered friends that fly through the sky, or swimming sea creatures, these sticker apps have you covered.

Kitty Cat Cute

If your favorite furry friend is a feline, then these cuddly and quirky stickers are right up your alley, cat.

Simon's Cat
Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat

Good Catch

Add some CATitude to your chat with Simon’s Cat official stickers! Everyone’s beloved feline is ready to snooze on your friends and scratch at your photos in this catty sticker pack with over 60 unique stickers!

Tips on installing stickers in iMessage:
• Tap the grey App Store icon to open the iMessage app drawer. (If the App Store icon is blue skip this step)
• On your app drawer along the bottom of iMessage, drag the Simon's Cat app icon and drop it next to the blue App Store icon to add to your favorites.

How to use stickers:
• TAP a sticker to add it to your message thread
• PEEL & PLACE stickers on top of message bubbles or photos, just tap, hold and drop!
• LAYER stickers over each other in conversations in iMessage
• SCALE & ROTATE stickers by using a second finger before you place it on a bubble

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Splashy Cats Stickers
Splashy Cats Stickers

Splashy Cats Stickers

Niels Benjamins

Download Splashy Cats stickers for iMessage on iOS10 and send them to your friends!
Crazy & cool cats to chat with your friends and family!
Includes the Legendary cats ;)

* 30 Cat Stickers!
* 5 Animated ones!

Download Splashy Cats & compete with over 1 Million Splashy Cats fans Worlwide! Don’t miss out on the fun!
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Catmoji - Cat Sticker Pack for Cat Lovers
Catmoji - Cat Sticker Pack for Cat Lovers

Catmoji - Cat Sticker Pack for Cat Lovers

Saliha Bhutta

It is here .. one and only exclusive Catmoji stickers for cat lovers! Stickers can be used in iOS 10 iMessage app. Each and every sticker is handmade from scratch that you will not find anywhere else. Select from a large selection of 82 stickers!

Just think about the reactions you will get by sending an adorable cat face to your friends in a text. We have tons of emotions for all occasions and will continue to add more in future.

Download Now!

Dedicating this app in memory of my loving Siemens Cat.

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Doggone Darling

For dog people everywhere, these canine cuties let you share your love of those wet-nosed, tail-waggers.