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Are You An Expert on a Particular iPhone-Related Topic? AppAdvice is Seeking Columnists

The New York Times is famous for its columnists.  Many people subscribe to the paper simply to read columns by people like Walt Mossberg, their technology writer.

AppAdvice would like to find a number of category experts that can commit to writing regular columns that stick to a particular topic.  Among the areas where we'd like writers, we have identified "Getting Things Done* (GTD*) With Your iPhone", iPhone Tips, Tricks and Hacks, Jailbreaking and Unlocking, and the iPhone Travel Authority.  However this is just a partial list and we'd love for you to suggest other columns you'd like to write.

The ideal person to write a column is someone with deep knowledge of a particular area and the ability to translate that knowledge into interesting and informative articles that include iPhone applications or iPhone functions.  This is not a full time position and we're looking for multiple individuals to take on one or more columns.  A minimum commitment of two columns per month is required, however more frequent submissions would be welcomed and appreciated.

Authors will receive a byline for every post, a personal profile page that includes the author's photo, links to the author's own personal pages and an index of all the stories each author has written for  You'll also get access to our immense repository of iPhone applications which means that just about any application you've ever wanted you can now have for free.  Cash compensation is dependent upon experience and how often you submit posts.

If you'd like to apply for this position, please send an email with a cover letter, your resume and at least three writing samples of writing similar to what we've described above.  If you also have links to published work currently online that would be a plus.

Please send your application to  Be sure to mention that you are interested in a "column" position and an idea for what column you'd like to write. Thanks!