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Are You an iPhone "How-To Guru?" We Want to Hear from You!

AppAdvice is seeking a true "how-to authority" to write for

If you're the person that everyone comes to for help making their iPhones do what they want and you have the writing skills to consistently teach our readers something new then we'd love to have you on the AppAdvice team.

The successful candidate for this position is an iPhone application expert who knows how to combine multiple services in order to add new functionality to the iPhone.  An example of the sort of information we're looking for would be "How to Get Push Mail to Your iPhone Using MobileMe and Gmail".

If you can provide an easy to follow, clearly written and 100% workable solution to this sort of functionality you'd be perfect for this position.

The successful candidate will have prior experience writing "how-to" information and will have a clean, crisp writing style that makes it simple and easy for others to follow your instructions.

Creativity is also a plus for this position because we are looking for someone that can come up with new ideas on a daily basis.  We know that people are hungry for great "how to" information for their iPhones so this is a key role within our company.  We want someone that isn't just good, but great.  Is it you?

Authors will receive a byline for every post, a personal profile page that includes the author's photo, links to the author's own personal pages and an index of all the stories each author has written for  You'll also get access to our immense repository of iPhone applications which means that just about any application you've ever wanted you can now have for free.  Cash compensation is dependent upon experience.

If you'd like to apply for this position, please send an email with a cover letter, your resume and at least three writing samples of news stories"how-to" information similar to what we've described above.  If you also have links to published work currently online that would be a plus.

Please send your application to Be sure to mention that you are interested in the "How-To Guru" position.  Thanks!