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Developers, Developers, Developers!

We know that developing for the iPhone is tough, and getting noticed in the App Store is even tougher.  AppAdvice’s mission is to help deserving apps be noticed and downloaded by our readers.  Unfortunately it’s impossible to cover every app that enters the App Store; but if you think your app is deserving please let us know! We can’t guarantee we will write about every submission we get, but we can guarantee we will look at everyone in detail, and consider them all for review or featured recommendations in our App Lists, Appisodes, or our “App of the Day.”

In order for our team to provide coverage and/or reviews of your applications, please be sure that we have all the information we require in order to provide good coverage of your application and/or your company.

This information includes:

  • Name of Developer and Developer’s Company

  • Release Date or Planned Release Date

  • Name of Application

  • iTunes Link

  • Brief Application Description

  • Promotional Code for Application

  • Brief History of Developer or Development Company

  • Other Applications You’ve Developed

  • Developer Contact Email

  • The reason why your app is special and stands out from its competitors.

  • Any update information, or any future plans as for the continued development of the app.

  • Any Additional Information You’d Like Us to Have (e.g. awards, ratings, etc) with a brief description (functionality and top features), and any possible screenshots or video.

All submissions should be sent to

Got a Sneak Peak?

For an even better chance of coverage we would like to know about apps before they hit the App Store. Please provide us with a preview of the final build of your app, and we have the UDIDs ready.   We will coordinate a scheduled publication of a detailed review and/or video at the time you choose.   We can embargo the publication until the second your app goes live in the App Store or post a coming soon story to help create a prolonged marketing buzz.   Our app experts will also give you feedback before the app is released in efforts to help with your App Store submission.

Exclusives of upcoming apps have the best chance of being featured in an Appisode on AppAdvice Daily and are assured to be considered for App of the Day status upon release.

Please email the appropriate information to