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AppAdvice loves to hear from Developers. Whether you have an app you'd like us to review, want to be features on our App Lists, or have info on an upcoming creation, please let us know

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AppAdvice is dedicated to providing the best resource to our readers. If you have a tip that you think others would want to know, have a recommendation for an AppList, or want to contribute in any way, please contact us. We will make sure to give you the credit you deserve! Better yet, if you think you can contribute relevant content on a regular basis, apply to join our team!

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AppAdvice has advertising opportunities for all budgets and unique developer's needs. If your looking to make a special statement AppAdvice can help! There are also several opportunities for free publicity as well.

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If you're a PR Professional and wish to provide your clients with sustained high quality exposure, please consider sending us your unreleased press announcements ahead of general circulation. We can promise you extended front page exposure (some sites will only have your story on the front page for an hour or even less!) as well as a a guaranteed publication day and time.

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