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AmazonBasics Lightning

Grab Two 6ft AmazonBasics Lightning Cables for just $15

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January 21, 2017

Amazon is offering a two-pack of its incredibly popular AmazonBasics Lightning Cables for just $15.59, the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

2 Pack AmazonBastics Lightning Cables

2 Pack AmazonBastics Lightning Cables
6ft AmazonBasics Lightning Cable

6ft AmazonBasics Lightning Cable

If you’re someone who’s ever used an AmazonBasics Lightning cable, one thing you ought to know is that they’re probably the cheapest, most reliable cables you can get for your money. They will work on any iOS devices that use Apple’s proprietary Lighting port and yes, they are MFI certified.

Each of these cables is 6-feet long, roughly twice as long as the cable that comes in the box when you buy an iPhone or iPad. While doubling the length may not seem like a big deal, it makes a huge difference in day to day usage depending on where you are. For example, my wife and I have a couple of these cables near our beds which give us the freedom to use our phones while charging them much more freely than we could with a 3ft cable.

In terms of quality, these cables are great. They’re not the best in the world, but they’re perfectly fine and will last you a very long time. To get two of these for just $15 dollars is an absolute steal. That’s less than half the price you’d pay for two Lighting cables from Apple.

No coupon is needed, just head over to amazon to grab them in either Black or White.

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