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AirPods Don't Fit

Your Apple AirPods Don't Fit? Try One of These Solutions

Whether to add comfort or to protect your investment
December 16, 2016

What happens if your new Apple AirPods Don’t fit you? We’ve got some solutions.

Next week, Apple will officially release the company’s long-delayed truly wireless AirPods. In doing so, millions of Apple fans will have a new toy to experience just before Christmas Day.

AirPods, like their EarPods predecessor, come in one size. This means there’s a chance they won’t fit out of the box. Resolving a situation like this goes beyond seeking comfort.

To begin with, AirPods are expensive, priced at $159. Factor in the $69 Apple plans on charging to replace just one lost or broken AirPod, and adding some security doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Whether to add comfort or to protect your investment, you should consider one of the following AirPods add-ons:

Spigen AirPods Strap

The Spigen AirPods Strap provides a low-cost solution that might also leave you scratching your head. Essentially, this is a short, rubber-like strap that connects your two wireless AirPods together in order to turn them into a more typical pair of wireless headphones.

Why would one do such a thing? As Abdel Ibrahim recently explained:

Well for one, you simply might be worried about losing them. Or maybe from time-to-time when they’re not in your ears, you might want them to dangle on the back of your neck instead of putting them back in the charging case. After all, they do go about five hours before needing a recharge.

The Spigen AirPods Strap is priced at just $6.99.

EarSkinz EarPod Covers

EarSkinz EarPod Covers

EarSkinz EarPod Covers

Priced at $10.95, EarSkinz EarPod Covers provide a better fit to your EarPods or AirPods. They do so by conforming to the “unique ergonomics” of your ear. They also promise to enhance the acoustic clarity and deliver more bass.

The covers are available in multiple colors, including black, pink, and red.

EarBuddyz Apple EarPod Cover and Hook Attachment

Calling itself “the original” iPhone/iPod EarPods cover, EarBuddyz provide additional support by conforming to the groove of your inner ear. Made from ultrasoft Elastomers, EarBuddyz are also water resistant.

These are priced at $9.95.

Earhoox 300-WH 2.0

These silicone wing tips are “the cure to loose earbuds,” and supposed to “stay comfortably in your ear.” You get a small and large pair of Earhoox with each order.

Earhoox are priced at $9.99 and come in various colors. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, they are sold out, although you can still place an order on You can also try your luck on the Earhoox website.

AirRings for Apple Airpods

For an invisible look, consider the AirRings for Apple AirPods. Priced at $9.99, AirRings are compact, comfortable, and made from light silicone.

The Latest

The Latest

You can order AirPods through the Apple online store, although new orders now have a delivery window of six weeks. You can also try finding a pair at an Apple retail store beginning on Monday, Dec. 19.

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