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Angry Birds Match Is the Only Way to Get the Hatchlings to Their Beach Party

Angry Birds Match Is the Only Way to Get the Hatchlings to Their Beach Party

August 31, 2017

Those dastardly Pigs want nothing more than to ruin the Hatchling's party. The porkers have scattered the Hatchlings from the Angry Birds Movie around the island, mired in mud and glass blocks. What's worse, most of the party treats are missing, so you'll need to find those, too. In Angry Birds Match, you help the Hatchlings gather together, along with some assistance from the big birds, Red, Chuck, and Bomb.

Match the toys, goodies, and trinkets for the Hatchlings

In order to gather the Hatchlings and the stuff they want for their party, you'll have to do some heavy-duty matching. Donuts, popsicles, and pieces of cake are definitely on the menu, so you'll find yourself trying to match the yummy treats.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as all that. The Pigs have done their best to make life miserable for the Birds and their Hatchlings since day one, and Angry Birds Match is no exception.

You'll find that the pigs have put mud and glass blocks in the way, so you'll need to get rid of them by matching. You can clear glass blocks either by matching next to them, or by sending big birds crashing through them.

Match enough items at a time, and you'll get Chuck, Red or Bomb on hand to help. Red can smash through a single line of blocks or trinkets, either clearing the space or gathering the items. Chuck clears tiles in an X, and Bomb takes out a wide swath of glass blocks, mud patches, pigs, or collectibles.

You'll find Hatchlings along the way, bring them to the party, and help them get the right outfit on. In return, they'll reward you with a key to a treasure chest. Those treasure chests will give you things to help your matching game, like extra lives or gems.

Collect more than 50 Hatchlings for the perfect party

Serious matching challenges await you

This isn't your typical matching game, and you'll see some serious challenges pop up. It sounds easy to "Pop the Pigs" and "Clear All Mud," but then the level opens up and it's not all fun and games.

With the glass blocks getting in the way, and the pigs moving around, matching becomes a real challenge. You'll need to keep your strategy shifting constantly as the level changes, and make the most of the big birds when you get them.

This is a seriously fun game, but it's a big challenge. Most of the time, you'll only have a certain number of moves to finish a level. If you fail, you can buy five more turns for gems, but try not to have to do that!

Along the way, you'll collect Boosters to help you out, but those are later in the game. Remember, if you match at least four items, one of the Angry Birds will come out to help, so try to match as many as you can.

If you connect the game with Facebook, you can even synchronize your progress across devices. This is terrific if you like to play on your iPhone when you're out and about, but on your iPad when you get back home.

Just remember, like the game description says, there are critical levels of cuteness in store for you as you rescue the Hatchlings. You've been warned.

When it comes to matching games, Rovio has done a great job with Angry Birds Match. The challenge ramps up quickly, but the game is fun even when you lose. How many of the Hatchlings you can find depends on your persistence, so keep pushing through and get them together for their big bash of a party.

Earn rewards when you find Hatchlings
Earn rewards when you find Hatchlings

After you find a Hatchling, you get a reward. If it's a key to a treasure chest, you can get important things to help you, like unlimited lives or gems.

Serious matching challenges await you
Serious matching challenges await you

The game ramps up the intensity quickly, putting some serious obstacles in the way of finding the Hatchlings and their party favors. Careful matching and use of the big birds are key.

Angry Birds Match 3
Angry Birds Match 3
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