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Anker PowerLine II Dura

Anker's New Powerline II Dura Lightning Cables Come with a Lifetime Warranty

March 20, 2017

Anker is known for making great iPhone accessories including, what we believe to be, the best Lightning cable for iOS users and today the company is back with a new Lightning cable called the PowerLine II Dura that includes a Lifetime Warranty.

PowerLine II Dura

PowerLine II Dura

While Apple continues to charge $19 for their, let’s be honest, sub-par Lightning cable, Anker’s MFI certified Lightning Cables continue to offer the best bang for buck in our minds. The new PowerLine II Dura Lightning cables start at just $12 for a 3-ft version, a full $7 cheaper than Apple’s own Lightning cable.

Anker PowerLine II Dura in White

Anker PowerLine II Dura in White

What really takes this cable over the top, though, is the companies Lifetime Warranty, which basically means that if your cable starts to fray or break down due to a manufacturer defect, Anker will replace it for you for free. Crazy, right?

We're so confident about Dura's long-lasting performance that we gave it a hassle-free, lifetime warranty.

- Anker

The company says that the cable’s all-new design incorporates “bulletproof fiber to create a cable that is over 40% stronger than the previous model.” In fact, according to Anker, this new cable can tolerate over 12,000 bends. Wowza.

The PowerLine II Dura is only available in black and white right now, but it comes in a variety of lengths including 1 foot, 3 foot, 6 foot and even 10 foot. More colors are expected to be coming soon, according to Anker.