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Apple iPhone X

Samsung Loves the Upcoming Apple iPhone X Too

October 2, 2017

Samsung loves the Apple iPhone X almost as much as Cupertino …

When the iPhone X arrives on Nov. 3, Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, will also be hoping to see big sales numbers for Cupertino’s newest flagship device. If it does, the South Korean tech giant is likely to make more on Apple’s handset than it does on its own, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to an analysis conducted by Counterpoint Technology Market Research, Samsung will make $4 billion more in revenue making components for the iPhone X than from the parts the company makes for the company’s Galaxy S8 handset.

Counterpoint expects Apple will sell 130 million iPhone X units, earning Samsung $110 on each through the summer of 2019, while Galaxy S8’s global sales are expected to be 50 million, earning Samsung $202 each from components such as displays and chips in its first 20 months of sales, according to estimates based on a projected bill of materials. The Counterpoint analysis includes parts sales from Samsung Electronics plus two Samsung affiliates that make batteries and capacitors.

The iPhone X, which becomes available through pre-order on Oct. 27, includes many parts from Samsung, including its OLED display. In the future, however, Apple would like to rely less on its frenemy.

By 2019, the company hopes to diversify its OLED production to include Sharp Corp., Japan Display, Inc., and LG. Additionally, it recently supported Bain Capital’s bid for Toshiba Corp’s memory-chip business.