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Apple Music Paid Subscribers

Apple Music Paid Subscribers to Top Spotify in US

February 5, 2018

The number of Apple Music paid subscribers in the United States is likely to overtake Spotify later this year. The upcoming change at the top was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to folks in the record business, Apple Music has seen its paid subscriptions grow by 5 percent per month recently compared to 2 percent for the Swedish-based Spotify. Assuming this rate continues, Apple Music will overtake its competitor in total subscriptions this summer.

As The Wall Street Journal explains:

Apple’s music-streaming service has been quietly gaining ground in part thanks to the popularity of the company’s devices: Apple Music comes preloaded on all iPhones, Apple Watches and other hardware the company sells.

Spotify’s expected to remain the No. 1 music subscription service, at least for now. This is remarkable given that Spotify’s available in 61 territories vs. 115 for Apple Music. First introduced in June 2015, Apple Music now has 36 million monthly paid subscribers. Worldwide, Spotify has 70 million paid subscribers.

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