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Apple Watch NikeLab

The Limited-Edition Apple Watch NikeLab Is Nearly Sold Out

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May 1, 2017

The limited-edition Apple Watch NikeLab is almost sold out, just days after it was first released.

As shown on the NikeLab website, the 42mm Apple Watch NikeLab is no longer available. You can still purchase the 38mm model for $369.

First announced on April 20, the new watch combines a Space Gray Series 2 Apple Watch with an exclusive Light Bone/Black band. The NikeLab Innovation x Innovators logo appears on the inside of the band.

Unlike other Apple Watch models, the one from NikeLab was only offered on Nike’s site, NikeLab locations, and an Apple pop-up location at department store Isetan in Tokyo.

Still hoping to buy the 42mm Apple Watch NikeLab model? You can do so through eBay, although it will cost you. Some listings have the $399 watch available for upwards of $800.

Originally launched back in September, the Apple Watch Nike+ offers exclusive Siri commands and watch faces. While the bands were originally only available on the Apple Watch Nike+, they can now be purchased separately from Apple.

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