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Toy Story Faces

The New Apple Watch Toy Story Faces Are Corny and Awesome

That iThingy You're Wearing
July 27, 2017

Forgot the new Siri and Kaleidoscope faces. The new Apple Watch Toy Story faces in watchOS 4 are perhaps the best new feature coming to the wearable device this year. Here’s why.

I’ve been spending much of my time during this summer’s Apple beta season learning to use the iOS 11 features on my new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Because of this, I only recently updated my Apple Watch to the upcoming watchOS 4 release.

Now that I have finally upgraded my Watch (to watchOS 4 beta 4, released earlier this week), I have once again found myself in love with Disney’s adorable Toy Story characters, who play starring roles on one of three new Apple Watch faces this year. The other two being the promising new Siri-themed face and underwhelming Kaleidoscope face.

I’ll admit, nostalgia plays a big role on why I love the Toy Story-themed faces. Watching Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Ham, Rex, and Bullseye playing around on my wrist brings back some fun memories. I also like what the new faces represent for Apple Watch moving forward.

There’s no doubt Apple Watch is first and foremost a fitness device. However, the Toy Story faces (alongside the previously released Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse faces), show that Apple isn’t afraid of making its wearable device something fun to wear too. I think this will serve the company well as it hopes to gain more Apple Watch users over the coming years.

Moving forward, I hope Apple adds more Disney-related characters to the Watch soon. Let’s hope they find a way to bring characters from other worlds to Apple Watch too. (Think DC Comics and Marvel.)

For now, I’m happy to have Woody and Buzz Lightyear around. They’re a good reminder that this crazy world deserves a daily dose of fun.

Here are the Toy Story faces in action, courtesy of iDownloadBlog:

Apple’s likely to release watchOS 4 to the public this fall alongside iOS 11, tvOS 11, and macOS High Sierra. The so-called Apple Watch Series 3 should be unveiled around the same time.

What’s your favorite Apple Watch face? Let us know using the comments below.;