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Apple Won't Bid For Time Warner If AT&T Deal Fails

The People Behind Apple
November 2, 2016

AT&T hopes to buy Time Warner. If the U.S. government no, Apple doesn’t plan on making its own bid for the entertainment company, according to CNBC.

It was just last month that AT&T announced plans to buy Time Warner for nearly $90 billion. Since that time, many have come out against the blockbuster deal, increasing the likelihood that it could face regulatory scrutiny.

Were the deal to fall apart, Cupertino isn’t interested in picking up the pieces. CNBC notes:

“Apple is not interested in buying Time Warner at present, people familiar with the thinking at the company told CNBC on Wednesday.”

In May, The Financial Times reported that Apple did consider making a play for the owner of HBO and CNN. However, serious negotiations involving Apple CEO Tim Cook never occurred.