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Avid Sports Chat

With Avid Sports Chat, News About Your Favorite Teams is Always Flowing

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November 9, 2017

The new Avid Sports Chat app is much more than a place for like-minded individuals to talk about their favorite teams and games using an iPhone. It’s also a great way for folks to stay on top of the sports news that matters to them the most.

The Avid Sports Chat app, which launched in September, offers a hodgepodge of exciting features. On the one hand, as its name suggests, it’s a place where you, your friends, and strangers, can chat. Another vital component is the Avid chatbot, which provides real-time sports news about your favorite sports, teams, and players.

Getting Started

After creating a free Avid Sports Chat account, you’re introduced to the Avid chatbot, which will ask you about your favorite sports. Tell the bot the players, teams, and games, that matter to you the most. Is there a team or player you dislike? Add them to your list too.

Once you add this information, the real fun begins.

The Avid bot will use this information and scour the web and social media to offer news and events, 24/7. It even remembers when you last visited the page so that you can also check up on stories you might have missed.

You can also add more teams and athletes at any time.

The Avid bot does a terrific job of finding news from sources big and small. It also finds localized stories too, which is a big plus. As a bonus, the feed also includes video streams.


Under the app’s Discover tab, you find events and news customized for you.

For example, as a Penn State graduate, I like to follow the Nittany Lion football and basketball teams. Under “Events” are listings for upcoming games for each. Here you’ll find public virtual sports bars that are open before and during each game. Under the “News” tab, you’ll find the latest stories about your favorites.

Under the “News” tab, you’ll find the latest stories about your favorite topics. In a move that’s perhaps overkill, the Avid Sports Chat app offers sports bars for each of these topics.

At the time of this writing, my favorite NFL team, the New England Patriots, traded backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers. As such, there has been a lot of discussion about the quarterback in the Bay Area press. As these stories show up on Avid, you’ll find article links and sports bars, dedicated to the topic at hand, as this example shows:

Private Chats

As you use Avid Sports Chat more often, you’re likely to run into many of the same people, especially those rooting for the same team. For moments like this, you might want to forgo one of the public sports bars and instead create a private group.

Under the “Groups” tab, you’ll find a list of private groups you’ve created or are a member. You’ll also be able to invite new Avid users to groups from this screen.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Avid Sports Chat app is a great way for sports fans from around the world to connect to discuss their favorite teams, league, and players. Thanks to the Avid chatbot, it’s also a great way to find personalized sports news.

At launch, the app covers sports of various sizes, including NFL and NCAA football, MLB baseball, NBA and NCAA basketball, NHL hockey, English Premier League, rugby, cricket, UFC wrestling, boxing, Formula 1, golf, tennis, and more.

What’s your favorite sports team? Does the Avid Sports Chat app sound like something for you? Let us know below. 

You can download the Avid Sports Chat app from the App Store.

Avid Sports Chat
Avid Sports Chat