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Berlin Christmas Market Attack

During the Berlin Christmas Market Attack, Twitter Tests Breaking News Alerts

The World Around You
December 20, 2016

On Monday, Dec. 19, you might have first heard about the Berlin Christmas market attack from an unlikely source, Twitter. The news site tested breaking news notifications during the crisis, according to Buzzfeed.

Twitter has long been a staple on the App Store’s social networking category. In a reinvention bid, the company is now listed under the news category.

As part of the transition, Twitter is now sending out breaking news notifications. Besides pushing out this week’s news from Berlin, Twitter recently notified iOS users of the death of Cuba’s Fidel Castro last month.

A Twitter spokesperson told Buzzfeed that this is part of a larger test to notify users about real-time content appearing on the platform.

Rather not receive these notifications? Head over to Settings > Notifications > Push Notifications in the Twitter app to turn them off.

In recent years, Twitter has been trying to stem a decline in popularity. Earlier this year, the company received bids from various suitors including Disney and Salesforce. The company has yet to be sold.

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