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Bobby Helps You Remember When Your Subscriptions Need to be Paid

Bobby Helps You Remember When Your Subscriptions Need to be Paid

October 16, 2017

There's little doubt that we're in a subscription-based economy. We have due dates for movie and entertainment services, the newspaper, and even apps. Keeping track of all of them used to require checklists and calendars, but now there's an app that does all of that. Enter Bobby to help you remember when your subscriptions need to be paid.

Add your subscriptions

With Bobby, all you have to do is enter in your subscriptions and when they're due. For many common services, like Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, and more, much of the information can be filled in for you. There are dozens to choose from, but they aren't all sorted alphabetically, unfortunately. The app does provide a good search function, however.

If you can't find the subscription service you're looking for, it's easy to set up a custom one. Just search for the app or service; if it doesn't appear, choose "Create" and you'll be walked through gathering the necessary information.

For example, if you are a Netflix subscriber on the lowest tier plan, Bobby will automatically fill in the amount due. All you have to do is enter your due date and alert frequency, if any.

To get a notification when the bill is coming due for a particular subscription, just tap on "More Options" and you can adjust that. You can also set a duration, for those subscriptions you only plan on keeping for a short time.

Bobby supports sending you notifications up to several years in advance, if you need that much notice.

The app that tracks all of your subscriptions

Rearrange your subscription list ordering

In a time when almost everything, from apps to entertainment services, are following a subscription model, it's easy to be caught unaware when a charge is about to hit your credit card. With the help of Bobby, that problem becomes a thing of the past. You will always know when Netflix is due, or when it's time to renew your newspaper subscription.

Bobby also provides a quick and simple way to remember when other bills are due, not just subscriptions. The app includes entries for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, along with some of the common bank branches like Citi and more. You'll find it easy to set up your monthly budget by week, since you can readily see when your bills are due.

If you prefer not to have your upcoming expenses sorted by due date, you can also get them organized alphabetically, by color, or even your own custom sorting. At the bottom of the app, you can tap to see your average monthly expenses, your yearly expenses, or how much is still due for the current month.

When you are trying to get better organized, you'll want to keep your calendar devoted to events and appointments, not bills. Thanks to Bobby, now you can do that and still remember when all of your subscriptions need to be paid.

Bobby - Track subscriptions
Bobby - Track subscriptions