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Apple iCloud

China Company to Take Over Apple iCloud Servers On Mainland

January 10, 2018

Chinese Apple iCloud customers are being informed of a significant change coming to the service next month. Beginning Feb. 28, a Chinese company, not Apple, will host iCloud data on the mainland, according to the BBC.

In a message to Chinese customers, Apple has informed customers that both it and the Chinese firm, Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data (GCBD), will have access to all data stored on iCloud. Cupertino advises customers to examine new terms and conditions.

GCBD is owned by the Guizhou provincial government in southern China.

Last year, China implemented new cybersecurity rules which makes companies store all digital data within the country.

Apple claims its partnership with GCBD will allow it to “improve the speed and reliability of our iCloud services products while also complying with newly passed regulations that cloud services be operated by Chinese companies.”

Those iCloud customers in mainland China who don’t want to use iCloud operated by GCBD can delete their account before Feb. 28.