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Cold Blood Go Serves Up a Gruesome AR Experience

Cold Blood Go Serves Up a Gruesome AR Experience

September 7, 2017

If something like Pokémon Go is just too cute and cuddly for you, how about an augmented reality (AR) game with zombies and other undead? Think about combining Pokémon Go with something like Grand Theft Auto. That's basically what Cold Blood Go offers, and it's done remarkably well.

Cold Blood Go

The zombie invasion has begun, and you'll locate the undead all around you. Explore your community with the game's AR-enabled map, and you'll find various types of zombies that will kill you if you don't off them first.

This is a mission-oriented game that encourages you to get some exercise while you play. Each mission will require you to walk about a quarter of a mile to complete it, fighting off zombies along the way. At the end of each mission, you'll find a master zombie waiting for you.

Even outside the missions, you can hunt zombies. A map similar to what you see in Pokémon Go shows where you are, and you can walk around searching for the nasty undead.

As you play, you'll add to your own gruesome "kill book," a collection of the zombies and creatures you've encountered and killed.

You will also work to upgrade your weapons, getting stronger and better ones as well as improving what you have. You can choose from a knife, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and more.

Back to the mission play, you'll be exploring a map more akin to Grand Theft Auto's layout. You'll have to slay nine zombies during your quarter-mile walk, and then go up against their boss.

Boss zombies, naturally, are harder to kill. Be sharp, upgrade your weapons, and learn the right strategies to take out each one.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Rockstar Games, Inc.
Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
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Pokémon Go meets Grand Theft Auto and The Walking Dead

Cold Blood Go

This definitely isn't your typical fare of AR game. Instead of fighting off or capturing cute little fantasy creatures, you're up against the nastiest, ugliest undead you can imagine.

When you start out the game, all you have to defend yourself is a knife. Upgrade that quickly, to a pistol or shotgun, to maximize your undead killing potential.

What's really great about Cold Blood Go is that you end up exercising without truly realizing it. As you explore the map, you're walking your neighborhood. It's an all-out zombie cold war, right in your driveway and down the street.

Not only is there a good selection of undead to fight off, but Cold Blood Go also allows you to level up and get stronger as you go along. You start off as Stan, with just your knife, but quickly upgrade as you kill zombies.

Another nice thing about Cold Blood Go is the variety of the game world. While you can certainly play the game with a full AR experience, each mission also has a switch in the top right corner to turn that mode off.

This is definitely not a game for your younger children, but you and the more mature will enjoy it. The developers have done a wonderful job, considering they aren't yet using ARKit.

In the future, you'll be able to fight against other players for dominance over your territory. You'll also be able to share your kills on Facebook and other social media networks.

If you want to play in augmented reality, but want something more of a horror genre, this is it. Cold Blood Go offers plenty of action, a fair bit of exercise, and exciting music as a background to your zombie killing spree.

Cold Blood Go
Cold Blood Go
ASV Games