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EarBuddyz Ear Hooks

These EarBuddyz Ear Hooks Will Ensure You Don't Lose Your AirPods

December 13, 2016

Now that you can buy yourself a pair of AirPods, many of you might be wondering if you’re going to accidently lose your AirPods while running, jumping or simply by accident. If that sounds like you, consider these Earbuddyz which will help keep them in your ear.

Here's what EarBuddyz with AirPods might look like

Here's what EarBuddyz with AirPods might look like

The EarBuddyz are an add-on product made of a soft elastomer that attaches to your existing Apple earbuds in order to provide added a “hook”, similar to what you might find on an athletic earbud. Given that they fit Apple’s earbuds so perfectly, there’s a very good chance that they’ll fit Apple’s AirPods just as well since they are essentially the exact same size and shape.

By conforming to the groove in your ear, the chance that they drop out become much slimmer, especially for those of us who might like Apple’s earbuds but find them constantly slipping out of our ears.

This is also a great product for someone who plans on using Apple’s AirPods in a more rugged environment. As an example, say you were going for a bike ride, or perhaps mountain climbing, or even just to the gym. Something like these EarBuddyz could go a long way in improving the chances you don’t drop or lose your AirPods.

Plus, at less than $10, it might be worth having these just in case you decide to do something that’s more active, even if the AirPods already fit well in your ears. I mean, do you really want to lose one of these? (no, you don’t). In fact, we love these so much, we’ve included them in our favorite gifts under $30 list.

The nice thing is when you order, you get two pairs, a black and clear. Sweet!